Is Spyder Too Much For Tollywood !!! By Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

So , After a Week of it’s Release , The Tollywood Film Fraternity are completely gob smacked by the after release revenue being generated by Spyder. 

Though the makers are claiming the magic figure of 100+ crores collection worldwide in just 3 days  ,And fans are celebrating the success of the movie with crackers & sweets at the film theaters , As Per Anonymous Sources it bombed disastrously at the box office  & Distributors are in major losses with the much hyped Spy thriller !!! Let’s get to the bottom of it today .

 As per the reviews and aggregated public talk , The Movie is not up to the expectations as Mahesh Babu is a Super Star in Tollywood , Where fans clap for his amazing stunts no matter whatever he does on screen , He has humongous following among families & Kids , It is no doubt that the star has gigantic presence in the Overseas Market and is by far the only Telugu hero to score well even in flop talk. Take Nenokkadine for Example , It still holds a 8.4 on IMDB. But Spyder dissapointed!!!

Here is what the most celebrated critic of all time in India Tweeted about Spyder on its first day of release in the US.,


 – USA… (28/09/2017)
Tue $ 1,005,630 [236 locations]
Wed $ 131,655 [231 locations]
Total: $ 1,137,285 [₹ 7.45 cr]

So , Taking a biggie critic & Film trade Analyst’s words in mind , Spyder performed splendidly well , Then why is it being termed as a flop !! Well here are the reasons.

Expectations & Un Necessary Hype  Killed Spyder !!! 

Made on a heavy budget , And it being a Post Bahubali Release , The people have set sky high expectations & the teaser added more fuel to the fire , Most of the young boys & girls were dissapointed as there was nothing like a mechanical bot moving here & there, This is the generation which watched Spy Kids in their Infancy , So they will definitely set up expectations way beyond as Telugu Movies have upgraded after Bahubali & Robo. As per the makers Spyder was just illustrative conveying the theme of the movie , Like A first look poster is OK , But giving hands filled with awesomeness in the trailer & showing empty hands in the theaters is definitely not accepted . Strike Down by Youngsters.

Heroism Levels  @ 0 

On First Hand Mahesh should be congratulated , He is one star who kept his stardom at home & walked on the sets to play The Phone Tapper Shiva , Carrying a Tupperware for Lunch !!! Hats off to this  dedication & professional ethics . But As Movie is a show business the Sadly flip side is , Mahesh Jumping here & there with latest gadgets like liquid mercury , Swanky Cars racing in with mind blowing visuals with demolition everywhere  ., Exquisite punch lines lifting up the mood is what people expected from Spyder . , But all we see is Mahesh Riding a Red Royal enfield  Continental GT to Work  in city &  Atlas Cycle to a Cemetery in Village , Like not being pessimist in this but that’s surely not acceptable in Tollywood , Minimum Heroism required for  Festival Season. (Not even Bahubali would have done so much without minimal heroism , Point to be noted) Murugadoss failed to understand the mass taste , even after directing a huge star like Chiranjeevi in Stalin , Yes People here are updated but they will never loose on their mass flavor Never!!!

Mediocre Songs for the Biryani Brunchers!!!

You cannot sell Pizaa as Pulihora in Tollywood , The Only Region in whole of India which is reactive to changes in trends & nativity both at the same time , Is the South Region , This is a place where you can see a delivery boy running errands to deliver the worlds palate to the customer’s plate and offer Pan as a dessert  . No Matter how much people here update , They stick to natives so heavy Tamil Influence on screen& songs  is a straight No No !!!


Making the Movie Good in Parts is always a No Go !! , Watching Momentum gets Disturbed.

“Akkada Unnavade Ikkadaina Untaadu” Such mass number placed well at the Spying scene was never ever heard of , It is  absolute Murugadoss Level Brilliance , kudos for that But sadly only a handful scenes are Racey enough for Tollywood , Hard Luck ARM.

Though there’s Much to discuss about  the fall back , Of a well made script , Execution made it cumbersome , And overall on ONE line ” HYPE KILLED SPYDER”, PEOPLE EXPECTED MORE”.

Let’s Hope it kick backs well , As there are many lives dependent on It!!!!


Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for


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