More Than Sisters from the Nara & konidela Clan ! : Beyond Blood

We often find fan groups quarreling on small & petty issues with childish behavior in various platforms putting  their favorite stars as scapegoats.

But Tollywood is completely opposing this poisonous culture and setting an example of how to maintain dignity & relationship ,  The Konidela & Nara Girls  Upasana , Bhramani are a perfect set of this sisterly example .

Both of these star kids were spotted recently at a blood donation campaign & Upasana even made a note on her Facebook Account about the generosity & humane nature of Bhramani  and her positive attitude towards helping someone in need.

Here’s What Upasana felt about Brahmani’s  gesture

Bhramani & I spent a heartwarming afternoon donating blood. Bhramani says If you begin donating blood at age 18 and donate every 90 days until you reach 60, you would have potentially helped save more than 500 lives! #foodforthought #donateblood – it’s a very powerful & satisfying thing to do. #upasana #bhramani


Now That’s A healthy Environment for a Industry which suffers fan wars here & there guys !!! Way to go Girls.

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