RGV Retrolled with Abuses !!!

This is the first time the maverick director RGV , The Spoilt Genius of Indian Cinema took some abuses made on him personally by a panel member of the Prestigious State Level Film Awards , The Nandi.

After posting his part of sarcasm on the panel  on his official Facebook page , The Film Maker got a revolt in a rather unusual way in the form of a abusive reply form the Nandi Panel Member Maddineni Ramesh.

RGV applauded the Nandi Panel & Wanted the govt officials to award them with Oscars , To Which Maddineni Ramesh replied with filthy & derogatory language ever to be used by a person in a responsible position.

RGV started his war  on the Nandi Panel by posting re edited videos & is continuing his Sarcasm , Let’s See what the counter attacks going to be.



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