What is it All About – PSV Garudavega – Pre Release Analysis.

So , The Day is finally here , PSV Garuda Vega the most anticipated winter movie in Tollywood is going to release the day after tomorrow.

So What is the movie all about , And what can we expect from the movie made on a gob smacking budget of 25 – 30 crores in this  unseasoned release time , Well we all have to brace ourselves as the recent Pre  Release events about the movie have become stage for a mixed bag of emotions phenomenon.

Be it the heart wrenching emotional speech by Dr.Rajashekar while some call it as a after chiranjeevi brawl !!!  , Once the Heart throb of Ladies in the 80’s is vouching on this movie as a comeback film. On the other hand we have the unique director Praveen Sattaru’s Confidence filled with anguish on the CBFC behavior towards his film !!! who showed his versatility in film making with Chandamama Kathalu  LBW & Guntur Talkies.

So What can we expect from the team which is going to take us on a ride with its most advanced “Multiplex” Only Story line , Be Rest Assured PSV Garuda Vega will not find  the Massy areas as it is way beyond the understanding  ability of a commoner , By the look of it , You should be fed with Hollywood cinemas since childhood to understand something so technical like this., We have technical references towards laser aided weaponry,  High End Surface Computers , Expert Marksmen , Terrorist Busting Strategies , Nuclear Weaponry , Gosh there is so much beyond comprehension . It is aimed to serious cinema lovers & weekend time passers expect a larger CG Show like Bahubali !!! Well Annapurna Team Worked on it You See at least Bahubali Level is expected  , Not Sure of  what the ex IBM Manager Praveen Sattaru Planned for us !!!

Why did Praveen Sattaru choose Rajashekar , Pooja Kumar , Shraddha Das, Kishore etc to make such achievement , The Earlier attempts towards War & Spy Based movies like Ghazi , Spyder , Komaram Puli were done by well established stars & on the whole Only Ghazi tasted success ,Thanks to Rana for Ghazi ,  A genuine effort with his presence , Seems Praveen Sattaru is only vouching on one thing to make PSV Garudavega a Hit at the Box Office. S C R I P T is the hero for Garudavega , Hence Proved.



Some Awesome Features about PSV Garudavega .

  1.  It is the highest budgeted movie ever to be made in Dr. Rajashekar’s  Career which spawned for over 3.5 decades. PSV Garudavega is made on a mouth staggering budget of 30 crores , Keeping the good will & brand value of Hero & Director in Mind. M Koteshwara Raju & Murali Srinivas are 2 passionate producers to hone a risk like this in main stream Telugu cinema dominated by star families.
  2. PSV Garudavega is the First Main Stream Telugu Movie captured in lens  by 5 Cinematographers. (Anji , Suresh , Shyam , Gika , Bakur). So Expect the chase cam & underwater action sequences with some mind blowing drone shots of Darjeeling & Georgia.
  3. Sunny Leone is said to be appearing in a special item song , On a humongous Dhaba set erected in Mumbai. The Movie Prime Scenes are shot in  multiple shoot locations of Georgia , Thailand ,Singapore & Malaysia.
  4. PSV Garudavega is the First Telugu movie portraying Veteran Military Expert in negative role for a plot line based on the chaos theory.
  5. Indian Star Tortoise often called in Telugu As “Nakshatra Tabelu” regarded as a exotic pet & threatened species  “Geochelone elegans”  whereabouts & abrief history  & illegal trade in Hyderabad is being exposed for the first time on Indian Celluloid.
  6. Sricharan Pakala & Bheems Cecirolio are the 2 Music Directors composing tunes for this movie .
  7. Premale & Deo Deo are the 2 Songs in this movie.
  8. First Science Fiction Thriller to be made with No established Star of Tollywood.
  9. Russian Stunt Choreographer David Khubu & Thai Stunt Master Nang choreographed & performed the stunts of this movie with minimal safety equipment .
  10. The Movie is finding it hard to find distributors in Telangana & Andhra Region as Rajashekar is almost forgotten & has least craze in youth .



So , What is that one thing lingering in our mind about this movie , The Makers have really risked their money , A Bounty of 30 crores with a No business star , Who lost his glory in the early 2000’s .

Well , Telugu audience make it a point to go to a movie every Friday , The First Day First Show crowd are still present so if Praveen Sattaru’s Hardwork  & Strategy strikes the right chord The movie is sure to go places , So All we can say is , Good Luck PSV Garuda Vega Team,.

If the Movie Works out well on the commercial stance as well . Then Thumbs Up Guys , You  Have started a new trend called Science Fiction Thrillers in Main Stream Telugu Cinema. 


Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for www.silverscreenlive.com






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