PSV Garudavega 126.18 M – Theatrical Trailer Analysis – Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

Name : PSV Garudavega 126.18 M.

Duration : 1:59

Production Company : Shivani Shivatmika Movies & Jyostar Enterprises.

Cast : Dr.Rajashekar,Shraddha Das,Pooja Kumar , Nasser , Kishore , Ali etc.

Editor : Dharmendra Kakarala.

Cinematography : Anji.

Music  : Bheems Cecirelio & Sreechandra Pakarala.

Producer : M Koteshwara Raju.

Written & Directed by Praveen Sattaru.


Filmy Autopsy 

Scene 1 : Bahubalian Bijjaladeva Nasser comes in an angry mood asking for Shekar (Of Course Rajashekar). Who made multiple movies & ruled the screen for so many years with on par competition of top heroes.

Scene 2 : Rapid Movement!!! of super speed frame rate reveals multiple cg  shots , A Military Cargo Plane dropping off  elite  Special Ops agents on a secret mission , With SATNAV’s Strapped to their wrists  , Now that’s Encore guys , Very rare to see in south Indian Cinema.

Scene 3 : Goons & Drug Cartel Leaders being wiped off with the bullet storm by our very own Elite agents !!

Scene 4 : Nasser trying to convince a depressed shekar , Who is missing his Life with over dose of stealth missions , Well the expression carried gave that message , Correct me if i’m wrong !!

Scene 5 : Vishwaroopam fame Pooja Kumar runs down on what seems to be a funny husband & wife scene , While Ali astonishingly sees the reason to be so silly , Star Turtles !!!! Well can we make out the story line now , No We can’t coz the real action begins from now.

Scene 6 : A Possible Computer hacker , Expert in data theft & manipulation with high end Communicative satellites & cool gadgets being chased by the crime boss , A Nice yellow hoodie revealing the cool & developed rail lines of Darjeeling , What’s with tollywood these days , Everyone skipping Kerala for rich locales & opting Darjeeling !!!

Scene 7 : Confidential File revealing the bad guys , A Marksman , A Chemical Expert , A Job runner , An Acquirer of Ammunition & So on . Revelaing the main boss , Kishore the One Armed Freedom Pirate !!!

Scene 8 : Now here is the best part of the trailer , Don’t known when was it last seen , The Main Antagonist using a microscope to study butterflies , Now how come butterflies carry so much weight age in high end Action thriller based on Military Themes!! Well the last time these insects got distinction was through NTR’s Nannaku Premato.

Scene 9 : Shayaji Shinde as a wannabe politician or an already estabilished one getting dirty with the bad guys & Shraddha Das , An Honest Journalist who is always on the run to show people the truth.

Scene 10 : Rajashekar slowly decodes the whereabouts of the bad guys , Woah that’s so much CG for a commoner to understand , His dialogues by Sai Kumar will ease up the task of trying to understand what’s going on !!

Scene 11 : Why is Charminar & its surrounding areas always targeted , Wont they get any other leaks from such a huge city , What to do guys , It’s been hard wired into makers & people that anything related to terrorists is found in Charminar !!! But believe me charminar is beyond the regular melodrama shown in movies ; That Being said like a true Hyderabadi!!!

Scene 12 : High speed frame rate plays with the ensuing fight , The good old Good V/s Evil Battle , To intensify the frame classic themes of borrowed intelligence from Hollywood !!!

Scene 13 : Kishore , The Bad guy grunts with vengeance , What made him hate India So Much , Well he is warning someone on the phone !! Who Knows whom he is delivering a message while others are packing things to generate curiosity. That’s it you better Run !!

Scene 14 : Typical Chase sequences , They skipped the 10 tired trailers this time , The Crane did the action !!

Scene 15 : What seems to be the final speed frame rate comes to an end , Mostly the Climax fight with explosions & bullets fired everywhere. Revealing the title of the movie.

Scene 16 : Wait is that Sunny Leone ,Subtle placement to draw the crowd , She has fans of all age groups though !!!


Apart from being sarcastic in the autopsy , Praveen Sattaru is one guy with guts , Rajashekar whose face got forgotten by many in cinema halls is coming back as a National Investigative Agency Officer , Kudos for the trust & Confidence on the subject Praveen. You have won our respect with Chandama kathalu , Certainly your flavor is different from others. LBW , Guntur Talkies might give you all a idea of the versatility of Praveen Sattaru.

Now Being Frank it takes a Rajamouli or Shankar to make the single theater  crowd to sit with wide open mouths , especially if it’s CG that’s playing on screen , Situation Reference of Bahubali & Robo  . But an attempt is all we need  as once said , So Purely for the Multiplex crowd who watch movies on weekends , Lets hope that sunny Leone trick will pull the crowds to the single screens .

They already gave the story line to us , As this action thriller is done with confidence on the subject , And giving a known face as a senior anti  terrorist officer is a good choice ,  Will surely make it big on the first day as November 3rd is fast approaching . Looks Hollywoodish in many frames . Special Shout Out to the Musicians Bheems & Sreechandra , Awesome work to match the pace of super speed screenplay.

All we can say is all the best for such bold attempt , If it works out well , Than it is a welcome sign for Tollywood . And we do know what it takes to endure that travel from paper to celluloid.

Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for


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