PSV Garuda Vega – 126.18M – Hollywood & Video Game Inspired Telugu Master Piece For Urban Audience- Review by Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

Disclaimer : Review is a Opinion / Not a Verdict 


Name : PSV GarudaVega 126.18M.

Production Company : Jyostar Enterprises.

Cast : Dr.Rajashekar , Pooja Kumar , Adith Arun , Ravi Varma , Charan Deep , Shraddha Das,Nassar,Posani,Shayaji Shinde,Pruthvi etc.

Editor : Dharmendra Kakarla.

Cinematography : Anji , Suresh , Shyam ,Gika Chelidze , Bakur Chikobava.

Stunts : David Khubu , Master Nang.

Music : Sri Charan Pakal , Bheems Cecirelio.

Producers : M.Koteshwara Raju , Murali Srinivas.

Story : Praveen Sattaru , Niranjan Reddy.

Screenplay & Direction : Praveen Sattaru.


Synopsis : Chandrashekar/Shekar  (Rajashekar) is a top level secret agent of the National Investigation Agency Principled by NIA Head (Nassar). Shekar is on the verge of divorce with his wife Swati (Pooja Kumar) who is vexed with Shekar’s astonishing work – life balance. On a bright sunny day he accidentally stumbles on to a bunch of International Nuclear Trade Criminals & their bounty base , A Vessel Named PSV Garuda Vega.

Then the chase begins & narrows down on a Professional Hacker & Communication expert (Niranjan)  who is the source of all the story , The chase finally graticules to George (Kishore)  who is the master bad guy of them all. How Shekar eliminates George forms the rest of the story which is heavily influenced by special op video games & Hollywood war films , Check out the Bombastic Interval Sequence , It’s Very Rare in contemporary Telugu Cinema. Kudos for that Praveen.


Artists Performances .

Rajashekar : The 55 Year old actor is present everywhere , So expect his mannerism of a angry young man , Angry Elder Guy to be precise  , He excelled in his role & gave his best to suit his role of a secret agent , Praveen Sattaru managed to fit him in this Racey action adventure. Rajashekar is back in business after ages.

Pooja Kumar : The most comical character of the movie , The Hollywood Actress did  well for her role of a vexed wife with a bound by duty husband , Her oldish look kept youngsters giggling at places.

Kishore : Surprisingly very less screen space for a main villain , But he is an asset to the movie.

Shradda Das : A Reporter who just watches everything & talks only when required.

Supporting Roles by Ravi Varma & Charandeep will make them busy for the coming days , As they performed brilliantly & not to forget The Henchmen Role by Adarsh which is raw & fresh &   Adith Arun  who gave in a decent performance as a hacker on the run for his bounty.

Sunny Leone’s Song is just a white wash to make people realize it’s a Telugu Movie.

Comedy by Posani & Pruthvi are apt and go with the flow.


Technical Department

The Ex IBM Manager Praveen Sattaru is a Director with a vision & doesn’t like things to be regular , Which is clearly seen in the movie , He Sprinkled a heavy Hollywood flavor   in the movie , His ability to narrate a story is absolutely stunning , Making things normal yet spicy is one more trick to the trade, Praveen is the main gut for PSV Garudavega , If the Masses accept him , Then he is sure to conquer major stake in Tollywood in the coming days.

Cinematography needs to be appreciated on a larger scale, PSV Garuda Vega is technically a brilliant movie with stunning cinematography , The 5 Member team gave their best & that’s clearly evident on the screen.

Music by Bheems Cecirelio & Sricharan Pakala is the highlight of the movie , Thought the songs are average , The duo concentrated on Back Ground Score , Which is surely the next level.

Editing is Crisp , There could have been some cuts but the director made sure the 2:40 minutes story is said well. But anything beyond 2:20 minutes these days is a rare case.

Stunts play a major role in the movie , The Makers hired the best guys in business , Praveen Sattaru made sure the stunts are not funny & kept them neat & subtle.

Jyostar Enterprises Producers Koteshwara Raju & Murali Srinivas  are the main people , Who should be appreciated for the project of this size to be done with no star value stars, They thought beyond money & entrusted on the director’s vision . Which is a welcome sign for Telugu Cinema.

Overall Report.

Very less can we see a movie like this these days Digital Hieroglyphics , Cryptographic Sequences & Tons of references to chemical science & Satellite Bugging !!! That’s pretty serious stuff  in main stream Telugu cinema which  is  a daring attempt . PSV Garuda Vega  Makers made it clear to the public that beyond pseudo Heroism & chasing Glamdolls ,  There are untold stories about our secret agents .

Praveen said some of those with narrative brilliance loaded with technology & gadget references which will surely make us  realize that we can make movies like Hollywood. Having said that , A  Concept embedded cinema with layers of investigative analysis is what the team has offered us , Not Sure with the Masses but the Multiplex Crowd & Educated Youth will love this movie. The Last time we saw some engaging content was in Vijay’s Thupaki & Mahesh’s  Spyder both made by A.R.Murugadoss.


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