Prakash Raj Faces Power Allegations Now !!!

After the tussle with critics like Mahesh Kathi the latest target for the Power Army’s wrath is none other than the Nanda from Badri, Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj who is seen in every national media platform now a days for his controversial Statements on the political situations in India has now set his political gaze reticled  to the newly formed Andhra Pradesh.

By far as we know from various sources Prakash Raj shares same taste & hobbies as that pf the power star Pawan Kalyan by preferring a green lifestyle along with handling so many philanthropically intentioned  activities & also actively taking part in them.

Prakash Raj stressed on the point to vote for the right person based on the political views & agendas which might be fruitful in the future and not go by glamour or star power.

Pawan Kalyan Fans reacted in a mixed  way for this statement made by the multi talented star of various Indian Languages who once enjoyed parallel stardom to that of heroes & heroines !!

Well , Only Time can answer some questions these days as we have nothing stern where everything is a controversy now a days exclaimed a political analyst!!!


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