The Mass Director with a Classic Midas Touch – Happy Birthday S.S.Rajamouli By Venkatesh Veeravarapu

When have you last seen someone , Not Believing God  yet making a finest caricature on the Indian Celluloid called Bahubali. Yes we are talking about the one & only director in Indian Cinema ,  Who was ready to risk his career of 1.5 decades for one single movie which changed the face of Indian Cinema , And Bringing glory to the film field . Yes as he celebrates his 44th Birthday , Lets Know more about the Maverick & Out of the Box Director Padmashri Koduri Sri Sailasri Rajamouli most famously known as S.S.Rajamouli – The Maker of Bahubali.

Born in the year 1973,Raichur Karnataka , Rajamouli is the only son of the most celebrated film writer K.V.Vijayendra Prasad & Rajanandini , Due to his father’s migratory work flow Rajamouli never shared a common place of stay like his cousins Keeravani , Sreelekha & Kaanchi , This became an advantage to the master story teller of our generation  , He narrates story very well which touches everyone we see on a daily basis ., Maaking his stories come to life both on the screens & in our imaginations.

Rajamouli on the other hand never made it to school & colleges on time , As he mentioned the poverty they had faced in his young age , His Father & uncle used to be ghost writers in the film industry & with their meager earnings they struggled really hard to make things meet even though they come from a rich & affluent family !! But all these situations didn’t change the mind set of Rajamouli who was determined to make his mark in the film industry by telling stories , Which were never ever heard of , So he started up his film career under the guidance of his guru Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao , in the editing stream & gradually came into notice under the directional supervision of Raghavendra Rao BA , The  Top notch & Influential film maker of Tollywood, Rajamouli’s first directorial venture was a Telefilm called “Shantinivasam” Starring Yester year actor “Ranganath” aired on etv, which got him name & fame.

Rajamouli’s Career Path.

Rajamouli always quotes his favorite actor to be Jr.NTR , As they both stood up with each other since the beginning of their careers , Student No.1 which came in the year 2001 , Was one of a kind out of the box movie featuring Young Tiger NTR as a convict who goes to study Law , Bashing goons when required with the trademark Dialogue “Narikesta” which got NTR huge mass following & impressed families as well.

His next venture Simhadri became an Industry hit in those days by minting 220Million $ worldwide , Which is an amazing record by a 3rd movie hero. The specially designed Massive Axe became a cult weapon for the masses !!!

Sye is yet another out of the box movie of this Massy director , Who gave  a new flavor of sports drama college film  introducing a never ever heard of game called rugby to  south Indian Cinema , Making Nitin a strong contender at the box office .

Chatrapathi revived Bahubali Prabhas Career , After scoring his first hit at the box office , The Young Rebel Star disappointing everyone with Adavi Ramudu & Chakram , Chatrapathi created tremors at the box office , Making Prabhas a full time favorite to the masses.

Mass Maharaj Raviteja’s Vikramarkudu made a breezy change to his career , And got remade into Tamil & Hindi as Siruthai & Rowdy Rathore minting crores to the makers.

His 3rd Team-up with NTR Yamadonga is still considered as a cult mass film with folklore & fantasy elements at their best , This Crazy Combo of the duo became one of the highest grossers of 2007 making reliving senior NTR mannerism in every frame.

Here comes the movie which made Rajamouli the most wanted director in Tollywood , Ram Charan Tej’s Second movie which catapulted him to international fame . Magadheera , Rajamouli sculpted out Magadheera based on a decades old script written by his father Vijayendra Prasad to Super Star Krishna , The Movie based on Rebirths became an Industry hit of 2009 , And is till considered one of the finest visual treats ever made in Tollywood.

Maryada Ramanna came in a breezy family entertainer , Making way for Comedian turned hero sunil to become a star in Telugu Cinema.

Eega is by far the most advanced movie ever made on a non hero based movie in Indian Film Industry , where a housefly plays the life & death game with a stronger opponent like Kiccha Sudeepa.

2015 & 2017 will be the most memorable years for the Telugu Film Fraternity , As the never ever heard of Mammoth Scaled Movie ever to be produced on Indian Soil was made &  Created a gigantic record for itself which would take decades for others to break , And Yes you guessed it right , The Bahubali Saga The Highest grossing Telugu Movie & India’s Second Highest grosser ever . With a collective collection of 2375+ crores made on a budget of 450 crores. Bahubali is one movie which will remain a crown piece in 85 Years of Telugu Cinema.

So , What Next from this magnum opus director , Who will stop never & ever to give quality cinema to the world.

Some Exciting Facts of Rajamouli .

  1. Despite his prowess & technological advancement when compared to other directors of his age , Rajamouli didn’t even clear his Intermediate!!! this proves that Knowledge is different from education.
  2. He Married his sister in law’s sister Rama & took the responsibility of Karthikeya as a foster father ., Who now works under him as first assistant .
  3. He adopted Mayukha as his younger daughter .
  4. He is the cousin of  most celebrated music director of India M.M.Keeravani.
  5. He publicly admits that , He gets inspired from Hollywood Movies & Implements them in this movies , As he finds known harm in getting inspired from another art form as he grew up with watching a lot of English movies  and he is aware of the difference between copying & copy right.
  6. Despite facing criticism  worldwide for plagiarizing action & emotional scenes , Rajamouli is loved by  a majority of Indian Cinema Fans.
  7. He is an Athiest , He never believed god after attaining mental maturity , But picturizes scenes with devotional content with utmost clarity & makes them the highlights of his movies.
  8. He is an Ardent follower of Lok Satta Founder , Ex IAS Officer Jayaprakash Narayana and treats him as his idol.
  9. Rajamouli is the only assistant director of K.Raghavendra Rao BA , Who made it this big in Indian Film Industry.
  10. He is the one of the very few directors , who will Publicly give suggestions & applause for other directors. He even produced a movie called Andala Rakshasi which didnt fare well at the box office.
  11. He considers Trivikram & Sukumar as his strong opponents.

So , Majority People see him as a game changer of Telugu Film Industry , But he is one director who doesn’t believe in Rat Race corporate culture, But often takes his sweet time to complete his projects.

So As per the latest update we heard from him , He is eager to make a film with No Visual Effects at all as his next project , Which seems quite absurd for Some of us , But Its Rajamouli Guys his Stamp is different.

We at wish a Happy & Prosperous Birthday to The Modern Day Vishwakarma of Telugu Cinema., #HappyBirthday #SSR.


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