Key (Ctrl + Alt + Die) – Theatrical Trailer Analysis – Venkatesh Veeravarapu

Name : Key (Dubbed from Tamil)

Duration : 1:58.

Production Company  : Global Infotainment.

Cast : Rangam Jiiva , Nikki Galrani , Anaika Soti , Suhasini , RJ Balaji Etc.

Editing : Nagooran.

Cinematography : Abhinandan Ramanujam.

Music : Vishal Chandrashekar.

Producer : S.Michael Rayappan.

Written & Directed by : Kalees.


Though there have been many movies , Related to cyber crimes & cyber aided criminal cases, Here is one trailer which will definitely catch your attention , Welcome to the Filmy Autopsy of Key.


Filmy Autopsy 

Scene 1 :  Here you can see a stylish leg opening the scene , Obviously its the protagonist entering into what seems to be  pub like environment , So expect some party numbers by Vishal Chandrashekar who earlier scored tunes for our very own Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha & Kadhalo Rajakumari.

Scene 2 : A Smartphone placed on Ramayana , Subtle infotainment though ! Now what is a plot based on Data & identity theft online got to do with an epic , Is that just a co incidence or is it part of the screenplay guys ???

Scene 3 : A voice Over Accompanied by state of the art graphics is all we get till the end of the trailer , That’s Understood Now.

Scene 4 : A Possible Suicide situation ,A Weeping Yong girl , A Smiling Lover etc all in one narration making things  easy to people who cant take much  CGI into narration !!

Scene 5 : Vishal has put that synthesizer to max work , Astounding Music revealing our leading man Jiiva , What’s he in this a stylish techie , A Hacker or a Data Theft expert !! Man so many questions for a trailer isn’t it. Kudos to the special effects & the animation team , on Screen digital  hieroglyphs will surely fetch them a grand prize.

Scene 6 : Amazing Technical Brilliance gets the adding up of some neat drone & crane shots by the cinematography expert Abhinandan , Seems his team up with the Malayali gangster flick expert Lijo Jose gave him full knowledge on where to put the camera , Especially when it;’s dark out there !!

Scene 7 : A Blue Whale Game reference is what that meets the ears , teens looking in a horrific sight of a guy swiveling up the hammer. Man those extreme close ups made my day !! Such perfection with  the lenses is possible only  by trained cinematographers.

Scene 8 : Multiple Shots revealing a bigger crime done through online data theft man , Things re getting hotter than expected.

Scene 9 : Jiiva is n serious mode delivering some stylish one liners not old to the Telugu audience , but the scenes have Punch in them , Make note of the rocket speed frame rate.


Scene 10 : Now what’s this cobra insignia , Well that cute back ground score revealed the bad guy , who fleshes on the emotions of young people , Like Internet is his bait to steal date from their lives , That’s Cleared now.

Scene 11 : A Black out in Chennai , Well that’s rare!!!Everything ends up with some amazing CGI revealing the title !!



On the first note , Lets be frank with the story line , Seems a straight lift off from its Hollywood Counterpart , Well if that’s mean , Lets take that as a typical Tamil director inspired by a Hollywood flick trying his luck out there as a debut project , Real Guts you see there . The whole potion of entertainment in this computer vial is simple.


Horrific suicides influenced by  social media & the progress of computer technologies at a rapid rate . Very high class stuff for the single screens to understand high end technological references , But will surely work out in the urban screens.


Don’t even think of releasing this movie for the masses , It is surely aimed at the classy audience . A Multiplex Movie for sure , But Tamil cinema is never to be taken short of , they can surprise us with adding the Masala wherever needed , The heroine is not yet shown , Probably she is more than the damsel in distress. So Jivva is coming with more than love this time , He is coming uploaded with technology this November.


Conceived & Written by Venkatesh Veeravarapu for


Here is the Teaser /Theatrical  Trailer



















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