Gruham – Trailer Analysis by Venkatesh Veeravarapu.


Name : Gruham (Dubbed from Tamil)

Production House : Etaki Entertainment & Viacom 18 Motion Pictures .

Producer : Siddharth

Editing : Lawrence Kishore

Cinematography : Shreyaas Krishna.

Music : Girissh.

Cast : Siddharth , Andrea Jeremiah ,Suresh , Atul Kulkarni etc.

Director : Milind Rau

Trailer Analysis 

With some gripping taking ,The Gruham Teaser Trailer has attracted decent piece of attraction of  Tollywood Movie Buffs.

Here is our take on what might be the possible Story Line this Tamil , Hindi Bilingual dubbed into Telugu as Gruham .,

Frame 1 : A Voice asks a drowning Jennie (Citation Needed) to close her eyes & focus on the darkness around her , Possibly to locate the evil torturing her & asks her whether she didn’t like the news place , But the Single Hand Pendulum with so many readings is a treat to watch . Superb Lighting & Camerawork!!!

Frame 2 : A Rather Unusual Sight we see in a mains stream south Cinema , though it has cues of Bollywood flavor , When have You last seen a traditional Chinese woman with her child in a retro themed setting.

Frame 3 : Here starts the quicker Snapshot Ratio, By the time you realize what’s happening there are multi frame within frame shots revealing a surgery , A Romantic Kiss , A Shadow Revealing a Hairy Ghost , And the Main Cast scared of something in a ultra close up .

Frame 4 : A Handful of Senior actors start fading away at the speed of light with a cute little girl & yes , That Includes Andrea Jermiah Too.

Frame 5 : The Drone’s Put to work here , Revealing a Suicide Spot on the edge of a greeny cliff.

Frame 6 : Someone forcibly stops the pendulum , Changing the pace to a Racey horror stuff with amazing back ground score , Bodies hitting to walls , Unknown Forces start their naughty things !! Probably the speaker got his answer from her , Coz he asked the reason 

Frame 7 : The things are getting scary now , Someones’s forcibly pushing down a silver spoon on to the girls Nostrils , A Hot leg sitting on a Ghostly Decomposing Leg !!! The Ghost has entered the scene.

Frame 8 : Run From the Hills revealing majority of the characters start doing their job , Scaring us by getting scared !! Wait did a bald guy scare us by turning his eyes white !!! Scary!!!

Frame 9 : A Disturbing Nigh Vision Sighting of a Ghost (That’s the chinese women ) who is haunting the Doctor’s Table !!

Frame 10 : A Scary Shout from the Lead Heroine in a rather chilling tone , She is giving in the devil’s scream!!

The Title of the movie is Revealed , Gruham it is fondled with Chinese scriptures on the font line !!!

Don’t  Miss the icing on the scary cake , A Eye turned blood red , Those eyelids are definitely Andrea’s .

So If You guys haven’t catched it well , Do Look for it , It is worth a watch , Many of You might hit the replay button numerous times to catch up to the screen flash,  Siddhu is getting back in tune , He romanced & Wooed Girls with his one liners & cute looks , Now its time to show what he is made of with this self produced Bi Lingual .,

If not lifted out from the classic cannibal hits like Saw , Hills Have Eyes etc , Gruham is sure to hit the chord right with horror movie lovers like us !!

Sadly We will have to enjoy this movie post Diwali , November is the release month for this Scary feast.


Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for



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