Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh Series – Special review

So , The Man of the Millennium , The Most Powerful star of Tollywood who can control his fans with mere Eye Brow Raise , Have you ever seen a Male Lion Controlling his Pride , He Doesn’t View it as an opportunity to show his Control , But it is a Incident which should happen at times.

Now let’s go back to the Year 2012, When the Massive Block Buster of Telugu Film Industry released . 11th May 2012 Officially Termed in Tollywood as Gabbar Singh Muhurtam is one trend setting date & time for every film enthusiast.

Being Myself a Hard core Pawan Kalyan Fan since childhood , I was mesmerized the magic this massive star has created on screen , Chiranjeevi is the only name i got in my mind when seeing Power Star on Screen . His Mannerism, His Attitude , His Dynamism was replicated on screen by Power Star Like he got possessed by the spirit of Chiranjeevi for a while.

Harish Shankar who earlier directed Mirapakai has a super story in mind for Pawan Kalyan , But as Pawan got impressed with the unique story line of Salman Khan’s Dabang. Harish changed the story line & the hero mannerism according to the Telugu nativity keeping in mind the massive craze the star had in public even though plagued by continuous Flops & Average Grosser’s , Pawan’s Craze got multiplicated like wild fire among the youth for his style & Attitude.

In his Elder Brother Nagababu’s Words “Pawan Kalyan is a Straight Forward Human Being & his blood cells are filled with Justice ” that is why he has this humongous craze among all sectors & is respected even in the biggest Hall of India “The Parliament.”

Be it the American University he delivered a beautiful speech or the Jana Sena Political Gatherings where he Roars like a fully charged Lion, Everything is silently suited up in the Script of Gabbar Singh.

Gabbar Singh grossed 150 crores on a meager budget of 30 crores smashing away all known records to Tollywood , Even the Tamil Industries were shocked to see the stamina of Telugu Cinema Over Seas. That is the massive force this movie generated worldwide with his amazing performance as the ruthless & ethical cop Gabbar Singh.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh which opened up to a massive scale of Openings didn’t perform well at the Box Office, I mean Seriously How did it not perform , May be the craze Gabbar Singh generated gave so much hype & expectations which the Bobby team were unable to reach.

Even though the movie is 5 years old , The humongous craze generated by it is still visible in every youth’s neck as the Red Towel waving the success of the movie wherever we see a movie gathering.

So , Upon this I conclude this Article & Specially thank Harish Shankar ,For giving a much needed boost in the year 2012 which is reverberating everywhere even today.

There is only one Gabbar of Tollywood , The man of Positive Waves , The Institution of Craze & the other name for Trend Setter …. Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Conceived & Written by Venkatesh Veeravarapu for


AA’s Addiction : Fidget Spinner

So , The gadget which is storming the world , The Fidget Spinner designed by a Trainee Chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger is now the latest addiction the stylish star is having wherever he goes.

He has a collection of over dozens in his make up kit often handed by his assistant Shiva. Allu on the other hand is amazed by the humongous response Dj has received worldwide crossing all hurdles the negative publicity has created.

Even in the song Seeti Maar , The Fidget spinner accompanied him in the foot tapping music given by Rockstar DSP.

Allu Arjun is  a Trend Setter For Youth & Adolescent fans in South India , keralites call him Mallu Arjun as he has Tremendous craze for his stylish dance steps.

Fidget Spinner is marketed as a  stress buster & device designed to reduce anxiety , Stress & Autism related weaknesses , Now the point is why is Allu , A  Healthy & energetic star in his 30’s using this . Simple he suffers from Excitement & a bit Nervousness, Who wouldn’t be , He is a star of Millions of fans Worldwide including a lot of Female Following.

So , it’s Natural & healthy for a star like Allu Arjun who decided to develop an addiction towards this rather than smoking or drugs which would send a negative message to hi ardent fans.

Allu is getting ready now for the promotions & Success Meets to be held from the next week which will be the 2nd week run for Dj . Harish Shankar , The Director of the movie has also tried to break this addiction of Arjun , But reportedly is said to be gifted with more sets for himself by the Stylish Star.

So on the Bottom Line We can say that No star is free from Stress, So this Fidget Spinner which is a rage worldwide is now setting up trend all over the Telugu States , Thanks to Allu Arjun who is now promoting Fidget Spinner .

He promoted 6 pack culture with Deshamuduru, Stylish Clothes with Aarya , Parugu & S/O Satyamurthy.

Now its fidget Spinner for Dj , Lets see what more the stylish star has to offer with his next movie.

Dj – Monday Report

So . The Most Important Day for any Mass Movies Survival has arrived, Dj Monday Report is here.

The movie which released after Bahubali – The Conclusion with highest expectations has received mixed reviews by the box office & has been panned by some critics literally to the floor.

As per early news Received from the News Desk  team Dj has managed to gross over 75 crores in 3 days all over the world with a gran gala release in over thousands of screens & around 450 screens in the International Market. Dj reached the productive figures according to the movie team.

Though the movie team has non sensed negative reviews both from independent critics & National & International Media, This is the first time Allu Arjun’s movie has received so much negative reviews after his box office bomb Varudu directed by Gunashekar.

Allu Fans on the other hand are celebrating the movies success & terming it as a hat-trick hit after Race Gurram & Sarainodu which have been 100+ crore grossers  at the box office.

Director Harish Shankar has Panned down several websites for being  unethical & posting negative reviews about his movie & Judged that the movie will be a block buster in the coming days with the support of many people who are ardent fans of Allu Arjun Movies.

Allu on the other hand is busy in promoting the movie in the International Market as he sees a fine business opportunity for Mega Heroes as they have widespread fan base all over the world & especially in the US & Australian Markets.

Public Review posted on some you tube channel media is generally negative as many of them criticized Dj’s routine story & pathetic screenplay which has given a chance to news presenters to move the que towards circulating negative publicity for the movie.

But the figures are indicating the strong presence of Stylish Star’s Market in Indian & International Markets. Allu Arjun has definitely hit the right chords financially with Dj backed by the Nizam King pin Dil Raju who has commendable grip over several theaters in the Telugu States.

Dj has received average talk from the public , While some are praising its non – linear climax while the others are upset with Harish Shankar’s Presentation.



Exclusive Oka Pranam Song Analysis – Venkatesh Veeravarapu

The Lyrics of the well Acclaimed Movie – Bahubali Saga are so well written by the Musician Turned Lyricist M.M.Keeravani is absolutely astounding & amazing.

It reclaims the main protagonist of the Movie & AMarendra Bahubali’s Son Mahendra bahubali a.k.a Shivudu about his Lost Heritage.

When we closely Observe the lines sung By Kaala Bhaiarava the absolute positive vibes of the song will definitely haunt our ears.

Oka Pranam & Oka Thyaagam are directly hinting us the signature of Scene of Ramya Krishna Carrying Baby Shivudu in her Fist drowning herself in the unnamed River Current .


Oka Paasham Thana Nishtai Ragilindaa means the bond between Devasena & Her Son who are both distanced by the ruthless ruler Bhallaladeva.

Hananam Thone Modalyyinda Havanam lo Jwalanam – Means the death of the mighty Bahubali who lost his trust over everyone he loved for treachery  is the first spark for the final rites of Bhallaladeva compared to that of a Yagna or Havanam ,who was massacred in the hands of his Unborn Child,He avenged with his dying breath involuntarily  & passed on the torch to his son .

Sebaasane Nabham – Congratulating the real emperor of Mahishmati – The Untamed Wilderness of Shivudu.

Raa Raa Rammani Pilichinda Rajyam – Which simply means many Holocaust experiences shivudu faced to climb the mountain are actually a fine game played by Destiny to bring shivudu  back to Mahishmati.

Varinchaga Jayam Saantham – Victory is completed only if the one fighting the war is honest enough to wage it .

Balitaanai Ulitaanai Malichena – Hinted Bahubali’s  Death was masterly engineered by fate  to the future of Mahishmati  though tormented by Bhallaladeva for a 25 year long span, Finally Shivudu reclaiming his father’s lost glory.

Bhavitavyam Rudhiramlo – Future is in every drop of the lost glory of the mighty Amarendra Bahubali who sacrificed himself  died in agony knowing Shivagami’s Unthinkable decision.

Shaivam Shivam – All under the feet of Lord Shiva.

Such is the expertise the lyricist Keeravani has shown in taking us into the wonderful journey of Bahubali . And all this in a 150/- bucks we spent to watch this mammoth block buster of Tollywood which has recorded unbelievable collections.

You sow What You reap – You enjoy Only when you give your guts out to get the best.

Hats off to the team of S.S.Rajamouli – For a critically acclaimed Commercial Block Buster.

Conceived & written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for