A Mythological Touch – Jai Lava Kusa Special By Venkatesh Veeravarapu

So , The Final teaser has been released today breaking all barriers , The Teaser released today  is the live example of how much in vain NTR fans & the general audience are waiting for  the movie, It already crossed the 1 million mark in no time & is running at jet speeds to conquer the previous You Tube Records.

So as we can now clearly enumerate & try to guess the content of the movie , This Article is an assumption of what exactly Director Bobby is trying to project on the celluloid And the Mythological inspiration which drew him to pen down such a script .

Lets Recap Once , Aa Ravanudni Sampaalante Samudram Daatala , Ee Raavanudni Sampaalante Samudramantha Dhairyam Undala .. Undaa(That Ravana should be killed by crossing an ocean , This  Ravana can be killed with courage as huge as a ocean , Do you have it ??) – As Said by Jai Thoroughly inspired by  demon ideology of Ravana. Kill Cruelly , Conquer Brutally.

Manchitanam , Adi Pustakallo Unte Paatam Avutundi , mana Jeevitam Lo Unte Gunapaatam Avutundi , Ade Mana Jeevitanni Talakkindulu Chesindi (Being good is a  Subject  in Books , And a Lesson in Real Life , Being Good Shattered our lives) – As Said by Lava thoroughly inspired by the reincarnation of Vishnu , Lord Shri Ram who believes in the ideology of Saving & Helping everyone.

Kotteyadam Tho Paatu , Kottadam Kooda Occhu Raa (I Can Steal Cash & Bash up at the same time) – As Said by Kusa clearly inspired by another reincarnation of Vishnu , Lord Shri Krishna , who is a rebel by birth and a symbol of Cool attitude & Kick Ass Mannerism.

One thing is sure with Jai Lava Kusa , We all are in for  a treat this festive season , Boy O Boy such Voracious nature & masculinity , Such Humbleness , Such Coolness in one man , That too an actor who can swivel down pages of emotional dialogues in a jiffy , An Actor who can reincarnate into a simpleton & the same actor who can dance like crazy to the tunes of the Rock Star DSP, That’s a really rare combo and Young Tiger NTR is perfectly apt for these roles filled with tonnes of Versatility. This is what fans are expecting and this is called pure action filled with South  Indian Masala.

Bobby,  After the box office debacle  Sardaar Gabbar Singh Starring Power Star Pawan Kalyan is on a rage to score it bog at the box office , And Jai Lava Kusa might be his golden ticket to fame . Triple Action these days is such a rarity that many star heroes confined themselves to formula movies and very rarely thought about double action , NTR & ANR , Chiranjeevi etc have had their share of portraying Double & Triple Action roles earlier . But NTR attempting such intense roles in this era is a out of the Box Thing.

Expectations for this movie will be sky high , So Lets Hope Bobby Gives his best & Will not disappoint us by screwing things up. As high expectations resulted in box office disasters  for big projects which became a laughing stock at several instances , Fans & Telugu Movie Enthusiasts are counting on this Dussehra Special which will compete with Super Star Mahesh Babu’s Spyder.

Kudos to the duo Bobby & Kona Venkat for coming up with such unique Idea & Casting the Ever Talented NTR in such a role is one more brilliant decision made by them,  Production Values needs no Worry as NTR’s Brother Kalyan ram has deeper pockets and to go that extra mile when it comes to make it big is no deal for the NTR arts Head.


So Heads up Guys , The Storm is Coming on 21st September and the warning sign is to be revealed amongst  numerous fans  this Sunday.

NTR Arts Team has finally given up the Pre Release Event Date , 10th September will be the date of the Trailer Release & 21st September is the date of the movie release , So Mark Your Calendars … Cine Addicts   to witness Awesomeness, The NTR Style.








Yuddham Sharanam – Well Made Old Wine , Bitter to Taste- Review By Venkatesh Veeravarapu

Disclaimer : Review is an opinion , Not a Verdict

Name : Yuddham Sharanam.

Production Company : Vaarahi Chalana Chitram.

Cast : Akkineni Naga Chaitanya , Lavanya Tripathi , Rao Ramesh , Revathi,Srikanth,Murali Sharma, Priyadarshi Pulikonda etc

Editing : Kripakaran.

Cinematography : Niketh Bommireddy.

Music : Vivek Sagar.

Producer : Sai Korrapati , Rajani Korrapati.

Dialogues : Abburi Ravi.

Story , Screenplay,Direction : Krishna Marimuthu.



 Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) lives happily with his siblings & Parents (Revati & Rao Ramesh) who are well established doctors , Yet do their part to the society by their foundation. Arjun is a doting son to his mother , But gets scolded by his dad for not taking life seriously and wastes time on drones & gadgets, Which plays a  crucial role in the Pre Interval & Pre climax. Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) gets to the loving household and when everything is going as planned for a beautiful marriage , Nayak (Srikanth) gets into their life scriblling it apart.

Who is Nayak , Why did he destroy the family & what challenges Arjun Faced in the process forms the rest of the story based on age old Melodrama formula  in Tollywood. (All of this can be easily understood by the Trailer)

Artists Performance 

Naga Chaitanya :  Arjun is the role the role he played in this movie , Set up just like his earlier flicks , A Posh Family with the best of Houses & Vehicles . His major drawback is the story itself , People got bored of looking at the same old Naga Chaitanya since Ye Maya Chesave or the recent Saahasam Shwasaga Saagipo. Overall Naga Chaitanya did Justice to his role.

Lavanya Tripathi :  The Dimpled Beauty who di her part well , Romancing the main lead & chuckling on family jokes , Will Surely Surprise in Emotional Scenes though.

Rao Ramesh : The Main role in this movie , A Good old Rich Doctor with a Beautiful Family  with Solid Screen Presence , The only source of comedy in this movie where 2 or 3 laughs can be heard , He is an Award Winning Performer , Hence Proved.

Revathi : A Noble Wife to the doctor & a loving mother , Revathi will chew down such roles with her vast experience , She even dubbed her own voice which will make the character look more natural.

Srikanth : The Baddie look Suited him with Precision ,  He excelled with emotion & did most of the acting with his eyes , Tollywood can no rely on Jagapathi Babu & Srikanth for Villains rather than importing hulks from Bollywood .

Murali Sharma : Another Comic Relief for the movie , A Psychotic Corrupted Cop is what he played in this movie. He nailed it down.

Priyadarshi Pulikonda : Lesser Screen Space , But spouted out the Telangana Slang with Ease , Will  Draw Whistles for his performance.

Rest of the cast did their roles with good timing , Making it seem more natural than the usual made up dramas we find in Formula Films.

Technical Department

Cinematographer Niketh Bommireddy did the maximum job in this movie , As Narration played a important role , The director’s Vision was projected with good sense , Made things more interesting especially in the higher emotional scenes.

Back Ground Music by Vivek Sagar is the highlight if this movie , The Pelli Chupulu guy ripped it off with music , Making the scenes feel more natural , Elevation Scenes of the Protagonist & Antagonist will surely be appreciated but without the music it is impossible to enjoy those scenes , Music is the lifeline for this movie , Songs are well placed with a fresh tone.

Writing of the movie is age old , Hence the dialogues are apt by Abburi Ravi , Srikanth’s role got a meaty share of dialogues followed by Rao Ramesh.

Direction is the only way one can maintain a full house more thrilling , But the new comer took a age old concept trusting his narration skills , But this is too much for a Mass Masala crowd , who will surely get irritated at times  for the sober taking , Thanks to the Experienced Artists who played their roles well, Or Else this thriller will easily be gone in a few days.

Production Values of the movie is another highlight , The Eega & Legend Makers gave the best of Resources to the director , Who failed to mould  it down to the Audience Taste , As one needs to put in more effort to satisfy commercial audience. He Assisted for Tamil Movies like Bhairavaa & Thaandavam yet failed to know the mass pulse of the similar audience like his hometown. Everything should be outlined by the Mass Flavour else will not work on Commercial Platforms , Krishna.

Overall Report 

Technically well Made , Narrated Brilliantly but  the Director Made a poor choice of choosing an age old revenge drama story line , which the audience will reject for sure , They have seen chay in these roles earlier &  giving the same with minimal changes will not work out all the time. Trends are changing in Telugu Cinema, Old is accepted but with something new to taste is the commercial success mantra to be followed.



Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for www.silverscreenlive.com


Suriya – 20 Years of Awesomeness by Venkatesh Veeravarapu

Born in the year 1975 on 23rd July to Sri Palaniswamy Gounder & Smt.Lakshmi in the Temple State Chennai , Saravanan Sivakumar or world famous by his screen name Suriya , The Heart Throb of Tamil Cinema , The Gigantic Star of the Classes , Masses & the Elders , 20 years of awesome travel in Kollywood is not a joke , And yet he did it with ease , Here we celebrate the 2 decade Journey of The Singham of South India , Suriya.


His Father Palaniswamy Gounder (Sivakumar) An ardent fan of the Pillar of Tamil cinema MGR , Sivakumar didn’t make a star status for himself in the Industry , But probably his son was bestowed with that luck , His Energy Levels , His Acting Prowess , His Styling & moreover his attitude made him the Star of Tamil Nadu and one among the highest paid actors of South India, And a Fashion Icon for the Telugu & Tamil Youth.

Suriya is a acting machine bundled with charm & Charisma , Said a fan who recently joined the police force taking the Singham Series as his motivation, Such is the level of idolism Surya Enjoys in Tamil Nadu. He has a much wider fan base than any other Tamil actor of his age group . Thalaivar Rajinikanth is the only actor who will have a full house opening in Telugu along with his all time friend Kamal Haasan , The Next place goes to Suriya , Who is famous for his dubbed blockbusters in Telugu  Aaru , Ghajini , Surya S/O Krishnan, Veedokkade, Nuvvu Nenu Prema , The Singham Series ,24.

Every movie of Suriya  has been dubbed in Telugu which is another record of this passionate actor. Generally Telugu Audience never adored someone from the outer state except for the Universal Super Star Rajini &  Universal Leader Kamal Haasan. Yet he is so passionate that he publicly asked the Bahubali director Rajamouli for a small role in the magnum opus , Such is the love he has for cinema.

Married to his  long time love actress Jyothika , The Chandramukhi who shared screen space with biggies like Rajini, Chiranjeevi , Rajini etc in the year 2006 , Suriya has 2 doting kids Divya & Dev Savikumar. He played a crucial role to set up his brother Karthi as a ,mainstream hero in Tamil , Who became famous in Telugu with Yuganiki Okkadu & Aawara.

Being a modest & down to earth human being Suriya is celebrated in Tamil Cinema as a cult mass hero who once acted in De glamorous roles in Pithamagan  & Perazhagan (Shivaputrudu & Sundaraangudu in Telugu) & won wide recognition as a capable actor , He even shared space with the divergent & most talented Indian Actor Vikram in Pithamagan.

Suriya even started up a philanthropic initiative with the support of his family called Agaram Foundation which is involved in multiple charity & Rehabilitation activities & won accolades worldwide for its services. In a Press interaction in 2008 , At the launch of Agaram Foundation Said  “My Father’s joint venture Shivakumar Educational Trust in Association with Tamil Nadu Educational Board gave me an idea to start Agaram , To help School Dropouts to study well  in the poverty struck  regions of Tamil Nadu”.

His Film career started in the year 1997 with Nerrukku Ner , But he won craze in the youth with Gautam Vasuydev Menon’s Cult Cop Action Drama Kaakha Kaakha starring Jyothika . Which grossed millions & bagged so many awards in 2003. The Telugu Version was given to Victory Venkatesh , Which still has highest TRP for a Telugu movie. Since Ghajini Suriya is a Friday Housefull star in the Telugu Regions who went through multiple disasters like 7th Sense , Sikandar etc whic bough heavy losses to the Tamil & Telugu Distributors, Well 100% Success rate in a any field is a myth.

He had a special message disclosing his inner feelings of his 2 decade long career in Tamil Cinema.


“The Last 20 Years of my Cinematic Journey was about attaining the Unachievable. yet you made it all possible for me. You applause…! your applause motivated me to raise my bar,Your thumbs down helped me to learn better , Your support drove me to go beyond cinema (Agaram Foundation) above all your love kept this engine chugging. Here i owe you my life for the last 20 years of my travel and for the may more miles i need to make. Thanks one and all …. Love Suriya

Well those love filled words also gave us an idea that he is not a elf boasting star , And takes Positives & Negatives equally , Well that’s a 2 decade old star actor for you , Who can go that extra mile beyond norms of a mainstream actor to play the role of a criminal in the National wide sensation RGV’s Raktha Charitra 2.

It takes passion , Hard work , Sacrifice &  over all  a never ending love for cinema to survive strong …. Good job Suriya.

We on behalf of our whole team congratulate Suriya on this rare feat , and whole heartedly wish that he mesmerizes & enthralls us more with every upcoming movie of his . That’s a perfect blend of a Reel & Real life heroism.

Conceived & written by Venkatesh Veeravarapu for www.silverscreenlive.com








How Ravana Inspired Jai – Jai Lava Kusa Special by Venkatesh Veeravarapu

Hello Guys , On a special note to the upcoming Dussehra Season , Tollywood has its own offering to the viewers , Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Arts have taken up a prestigious project to enthrall everyone with the most eye candy stars & the main filling is none other than the ever energetic , Young Tiger NTR.

So , Lets have a quick Sneak peak of the Look Specially Designed inspired by the demon lord Raavanasura. Let’s Decode the Teaser released on July 6th 2017  which crossed more than 1.5 crore views till date.

Opening Shot reveals a stylishly laid set with NTR in the middle waiting for some one  in the most heroic yet cruel manner . This shot appears in cuts till the teaser ends , A Villainous Laugh is that hair raising material for mass lovers.

Shot 2 : This gives in the  famous low angled frame ,which has been loyal to Tollywood since ages , we call it the Thump on the Sand Shot.

Shot 3 : This reveals  the Back Ground of a 10 headed gigantic Ravana Figurine , Representing Dussehra Season where Indians celebrate it by burning down huge effigies made of various flammable materials.

Shot 4 : A Huge Axe and a chained handle to the Antagonist’s Hand (Till Now Jai’s  Character is being publicized as Anti Hero )

Shot 5 : The Camera then slowly moves towards Jai , with the background Asura  Anthem.

As, majority of elevation shots are completed here , Now its time to reveal the face completely , That Stylish shades & slow motion in removing them added the extra glamour to the frame. A Villain who is getting out of a Range Rover indicates the Influence he has in his region & his financial capacity. A Bow to his favorite lord in the form of a Complete Namaskara explains that Jai is filled with Ravanism.

Here comes the world famous dialogue , Thanks to massive block busters like Robo & Bahubali , South & Telugu Films have become world famous these days .

Aa Ravanudni Sampaalante Samudram Daatala , Eee Ravanundni Sampalante Samudramantha Dhaa.. Dhairyam Undaala….undaa ( One needs to cross a Mighty Ocean to kill that Ravana , One Needs Courage of a ocean’s size to kill this Raavana…. Do you have it !!!)

It is clearly evident that the director is experimenting on Positive & Negative shades of a person , As NTR is  a World Class Performer , The screen is blistering with electricity with a rich emotion.

But what Made the Director think , That Something so different would have suited a commercial hero with hat trick in is pocket , What Made Bobby think NTR is the best for this role .

How Raavana inspired Jai !!!

Lets brief up the history pages once , Shri Raavana also called as Dashanana ( An Intellectual with 10 heads)  is the primary antagonist of the Hindu Scripture Ramayana which is considered sacred by practicing Hindus throughout the world . He was slain by Shri Rama for his treacherous act  of kidnapping Shri Sita & forcefully detaining her in his Kingdom Lanka (Now Sri Lanka).

Ravaana is depicted in several books & literature as a strict devotee of Shiva & has immense wealth & energy , Physical &  Mental Finesse , According to some Buddhist Scriptures Ravana followed Buddhism which needs so much of clarification by Scholars.

Raavans’a Main Characteristics can be given as :

Strict & Stubborn Devotee of Lord Shiva ( According to the Magnum Opus Bhoo Kailas Starring Senior NTR there is a riveting scene of Senior NTR playing sitar tunes with his intestines is such a milestone in TFI till date)

Rich & Affluent

Cruel to the core

No Mercy Attitude & Extremely Aggressive at Punishing 

Skilled Scholar & A Master Musician (It has been proclaimed that Sitar – The Traditional Instrument was so well played by the demon king that many Apsaras would listen it from heaven adoring his expertise in Music) .

Yet , All these didn’t save him from the mighty Rama’s Army led by the Vaanara Sena (Monkey Warriors) , His Lust towards Women made him eat dust.

Such level of character detailing went  through the story board of Bobby’s Jai Lava Kusa, By the look of it Nivetha Thomas is paired opposite Jai , the Song Nee Kallalona revealed their intuitive love story as well as a special mention of Jai’s Introduction Song Raavana , Wait for  middle of the song. A Cruel Way of Expressing love to ones partner !!! Anything cannot be judged Now as this is mere imagination & analysis from the released promotional material & lyrics. Jai’s Look & Character speaks of the Raavana Charishma in every frame , Hope Bobby made sure all the elements are filled in well , NTR will carry these for sure like cakewalk.



Jai’s  Cruel looks specially designed by the Art & Look team of NTR are a major bonus for this film which is targeted at every sector, And as per fans it will be a  treat to all the Major 7 Chakras of Human Body. They  will enjoy his ravishing & rugged look for  this festive season , DSP’s enthralling music & Chandrabose’s Lyrics added fuel to the fire of the energetic youth who are craving fro such different & mind boggling stuff which is very rare in Tollywood , That too by a Main Stream Mass Hero  Like NTR.


SO , Let’s wait for the official trailer , which is under process as the NTR Arts team are cutting in the best frames & working round the clock, for bringing in maximum positive feedback , As they already announced the release date which is due in the coming 2.5 Weeks , We are as excited to see all the 3 characters at one place.


Conceived & written by Venkatesh Veeravarapu for www.silverscreenlive.com






Who is the Dussehra Badshah !!! By Venkatesh Veeravarapu

The Much Awaited Pasia Vasool has recorded moderate business at the box office making way for Arjun Reddy to conquer more regions & collections , Balayya’s Mind Blowing New Avatar and acting are the only reasons fans are watching the movie said an Industry Expert.

So , As Balayya’s Paisa Vasool is out of the Dussehra Race now , Let’s discuss about the most prestigious projects of Tollywood this year, One is Young Tiger NTR’s Triple Dhamaka Jai Lava Kusa – Where NTR is playing the Good , Bad & the Bold Roles.  The other one is the action thriller & patriotic themed Mahesh Babu’s Spyder.

Jai Lava Kusa which has been busy with the post production work for it’s 21st September Release is all set to get good returns as per the Kalyan Ram Camp , Who are craving in the performance of NTR , And as Bobby Said that the Main Fans Event will be the stage to project the trailer of the movie which is sure to give feast to everyone. This is aimed at all the sectors of audience making the baddie to be a mass specific character inspired by the demon king “Ravanasura” from Ramayana.

NTR who is playing a triple role for the first time on celluloid is seen in Jai & Lava as 2 different individuals with 2 different personalities . And the 3rd look of the funky & stylish Kusa has been released only by a picture format till date .

Spyder on the other hand is seen as a patriotic themed action thriller going in line with Murugadoss’s Tamil Block Buster Thupaki Starring Vijay , The Second Teaser of Spyder has been in news as a straight lift off from the world famous “Batman : Begins” movie directed by Christopher Nolan. But seems people understood the Bahubalian Director Rajamouli’s concept of learning the difference between Copying & getting Inspired.


Jai Lava Kusa is a full on Mass & Family Thriller by the look of the promotional videos & first looks , Spyder is a concept oriented movie target straight to the multiplexes as the movie revolves around many political & technological concepts which are not much mass pleasing elements as per the audience.

So , Here lies the big question , Which movie will do it good at the box office , Which will blow !!! Well here is the answer.


Both, Yes the Answer is both, They have the chances of getting the fortune at the box office , Here is why.

Jai Lava Kusa is a family entertainer outlined with mass elements , NTR in 3 different get ups and a negative role for the first time is the USP of this movie, When did you last see an elevation song , Raavana Jai Jai Jai for a Villain Never,so that is why this movie has the stamina to do well at the box office, Dussehra is a main festival in India & Especially well celebrated  in the newly formed Telangana State, So the timing for the movie is absolutely awesome where the families filled with joy & gleam will be ready & waiting for  a visual feast by the ever talented NTR. Bobby who is equally hungry for a hot as Sardaar Gabbar Singh didn’t do well at the box office where expectations killed the well made movie. Bobby is sure to give in his best to a screen presentation to his long time family friend Kalyan Ram who is producing a movie starring NTR for the first time under his home productions.

So the trio will definitely enthrall us , As Main stream south Indian Films are completely driven by the Hero in every frame , NTR being a proven performer has made it sure to give the best ever Dussehra gift to his fans.

Spyder will surely give in the best results this time to Mahesh , The director’s hero who is known for his sheer performance levels at the celluloid has taken a lot of gap to give a feast to fans , A R Murugadoss the director who gave Indian Cinema the first ever 100 crore grosser has made it sure to give in the best look for Spyder made on a mind blowing  budget of 125 crores , S.J Suryah who gave Industry hits like Kushi & Box Office duds like Nani & Komaram Puli is playing the antagonist role in this movie which is an added highlight . Filled with latest gadgets , war theories & special spy agent story line , SPYder which will follow Jai Lava Kusa is sure to hit the right chord with the multiplexes for sure.


So , We hope these both movie do well at the box office , As Tollywood is Counting on these biggies after the Magnum Opus Bahubali. But Seriously Speaking , Nothing can be told till the last . All we can do is to pray that we get the best of cinema from these talented stars .


Conceived & Written By Venkatesh Veeravarapu for www.silverscreenlive.com