Gruham – Trailer Analysis by Venkatesh Veeravarapu.


Name : Gruham (Dubbed from Tamil)

Production House : Etaki Entertainment & Viacom 18 Motion Pictures .

Producer : Siddharth

Editing : Lawrence Kishore

Cinematography : Shreyaas Krishna.

Music : Girissh.

Cast : Siddharth , Andrea Jeremiah ,Suresh , Atul Kulkarni etc.

Director : Milind Rau

Trailer Analysis 

With some gripping taking ,The Gruham Teaser Trailer has attracted decent piece of attraction of  Tollywood Movie Buffs.

Here is our take on what might be the possible Story Line this Tamil , Hindi Bilingual dubbed into Telugu as Gruham .,

Frame 1 : A Voice asks a drowning Jennie (Citation Needed) to close her eyes & focus on the darkness around her , Possibly to locate the evil torturing her & asks her whether she didn’t like the news place , But the Single Hand Pendulum with so many readings is a treat to watch . Superb Lighting & Camerawork!!!

Frame 2 : A Rather Unusual Sight we see in a mains stream south Cinema , though it has cues of Bollywood flavor , When have You last seen a traditional Chinese woman with her child in a retro themed setting.

Frame 3 : Here starts the quicker Snapshot Ratio, By the time you realize what’s happening there are multi frame within frame shots revealing a surgery , A Romantic Kiss , A Shadow Revealing a Hairy Ghost , And the Main Cast scared of something in a ultra close up .

Frame 4 : A Handful of Senior actors start fading away at the speed of light with a cute little girl & yes , That Includes Andrea Jermiah Too.

Frame 5 : The Drone’s Put to work here , Revealing a Suicide Spot on the edge of a greeny cliff.

Frame 6 : Someone forcibly stops the pendulum , Changing the pace to a Racey horror stuff with amazing back ground score , Bodies hitting to walls , Unknown Forces start their naughty things !! Probably the speaker got his answer from her , Coz he asked the reason 

Frame 7 : The things are getting scary now , Someones’s forcibly pushing down a silver spoon on to the girls Nostrils , A Hot leg sitting on a Ghostly Decomposing Leg !!! The Ghost has entered the scene.

Frame 8 : Run From the Hills revealing majority of the characters start doing their job , Scaring us by getting scared !! Wait did a bald guy scare us by turning his eyes white !!! Scary!!!

Frame 9 : A Disturbing Nigh Vision Sighting of a Ghost (That’s the chinese women ) who is haunting the Doctor’s Table !!

Frame 10 : A Scary Shout from the Lead Heroine in a rather chilling tone , She is giving in the devil’s scream!!

The Title of the movie is Revealed , Gruham it is fondled with Chinese scriptures on the font line !!!

Don’t  Miss the icing on the scary cake , A Eye turned blood red , Those eyelids are definitely Andrea’s .

So If You guys haven’t catched it well , Do Look for it , It is worth a watch , Many of You might hit the replay button numerous times to catch up to the screen flash,  Siddhu is getting back in tune , He romanced & Wooed Girls with his one liners & cute looks , Now its time to show what he is made of with this self produced Bi Lingual .,

If not lifted out from the classic cannibal hits like Saw , Hills Have Eyes etc , Gruham is sure to hit the chord right with horror movie lovers like us !!

Sadly We will have to enjoy this movie post Diwali , November is the release month for this Scary feast.


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Is Spyder Too Much For Tollywood !!! By Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

So , After a Week of it’s Release , The Tollywood Film Fraternity are completely gob smacked by the after release revenue being generated by Spyder. 

Though the makers are claiming the magic figure of 100+ crores collection worldwide in just 3 days  ,And fans are celebrating the success of the movie with crackers & sweets at the film theaters , As Per Anonymous Sources it bombed disastrously at the box office  & Distributors are in major losses with the much hyped Spy thriller !!! Let’s get to the bottom of it today .

 As per the reviews and aggregated public talk , The Movie is not up to the expectations as Mahesh Babu is a Super Star in Tollywood , Where fans clap for his amazing stunts no matter whatever he does on screen , He has humongous following among families & Kids , It is no doubt that the star has gigantic presence in the Overseas Market and is by far the only Telugu hero to score well even in flop talk. Take Nenokkadine for Example , It still holds a 8.4 on IMDB. But Spyder dissapointed!!!

Here is what the most celebrated critic of all time in India Tweeted about Spyder on its first day of release in the US.,


 – USA… (28/09/2017)
Tue $ 1,005,630 [236 locations]
Wed $ 131,655 [231 locations]
Total: $ 1,137,285 [₹ 7.45 cr]

So , Taking a biggie critic & Film trade Analyst’s words in mind , Spyder performed splendidly well , Then why is it being termed as a flop !! Well here are the reasons.

Expectations & Un Necessary Hype  Killed Spyder !!! 

Made on a heavy budget , And it being a Post Bahubali Release , The people have set sky high expectations & the teaser added more fuel to the fire , Most of the young boys & girls were dissapointed as there was nothing like a mechanical bot moving here & there, This is the generation which watched Spy Kids in their Infancy , So they will definitely set up expectations way beyond as Telugu Movies have upgraded after Bahubali & Robo. As per the makers Spyder was just illustrative conveying the theme of the movie , Like A first look poster is OK , But giving hands filled with awesomeness in the trailer & showing empty hands in the theaters is definitely not accepted . Strike Down by Youngsters.

Heroism Levels  @ 0 

On First Hand Mahesh should be congratulated , He is one star who kept his stardom at home & walked on the sets to play The Phone Tapper Shiva , Carrying a Tupperware for Lunch !!! Hats off to this  dedication & professional ethics . But As Movie is a show business the Sadly flip side is , Mahesh Jumping here & there with latest gadgets like liquid mercury , Swanky Cars racing in with mind blowing visuals with demolition everywhere  ., Exquisite punch lines lifting up the mood is what people expected from Spyder . , But all we see is Mahesh Riding a Red Royal enfield  Continental GT to Work  in city &  Atlas Cycle to a Cemetery in Village , Like not being pessimist in this but that’s surely not acceptable in Tollywood , Minimum Heroism required for  Festival Season. (Not even Bahubali would have done so much without minimal heroism , Point to be noted) Murugadoss failed to understand the mass taste , even after directing a huge star like Chiranjeevi in Stalin , Yes People here are updated but they will never loose on their mass flavor Never!!!

Mediocre Songs for the Biryani Brunchers!!!

You cannot sell Pizaa as Pulihora in Tollywood , The Only Region in whole of India which is reactive to changes in trends & nativity both at the same time , Is the South Region , This is a place where you can see a delivery boy running errands to deliver the worlds palate to the customer’s plate and offer Pan as a dessert  . No Matter how much people here update , They stick to natives so heavy Tamil Influence on screen& songs  is a straight No No !!!


Making the Movie Good in Parts is always a No Go !! , Watching Momentum gets Disturbed.

“Akkada Unnavade Ikkadaina Untaadu” Such mass number placed well at the Spying scene was never ever heard of , It is  absolute Murugadoss Level Brilliance , kudos for that But sadly only a handful scenes are Racey enough for Tollywood , Hard Luck ARM.

Though there’s Much to discuss about  the fall back , Of a well made script , Execution made it cumbersome , And overall on ONE line ” HYPE KILLED SPYDER”, PEOPLE EXPECTED MORE”.

Let’s Hope it kick backs well , As there are many lives dependent on It!!!!


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The South Indian Sherlock Holmes – Vishal’s Detective Trailer Analysis – By Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

Name : Vishal’s Detective (Dubbed version of Thupparivaalan)

Theatrical Trailer Length : 1 Minute 43 Seconds.

Production Company : Vishal Film Factory.

Producer : Vishal Reddy.

Cinematography : Karthik Venakataraman.

Music : Arrol Corelli (Arul Murugan)

Direction : Mysskin (Shanmuga Raja) 


Vishal Reddy , The Telugu Guy who has his share of conquering the Tamil Box Office & is also acting as the Secretary General for Nadigar Sangam owns his own production house Vishal Film Factory, Which is going on a success spree with back to back hits , The Team has today launched the trailer of the dubbed version of Thupparivaalan in Telugu as Detective , Let’s Have a Look on What is Vishal Offering this Diwali Season.


Frame 1 : A Elder guy asks Detective Advaita Bushan (Vishal Reddy) on whats the fees he is going to charge , A Arrogant Yet Witty Detective replies on what is the case all about !!!

Frame 2 : A Stylishly Done Hilarious Fight Sequence , The detective bashes up the Goons.

Frame 3 : A Worried  Sub Ordinate trues to convince that Advaita is different from other detectives , Who are generally used as spies by yet to marry couples in cities.

Frame 4 : A Terrific Fight Sequence in the typical south Indian Masala Style where multiple people pound on the protagonist .

Frame 5 :  Top Cops drop in to Advaita’s place for his opinion on a case, But our Arrogant detective replies that he is busy & Cannot Help them (Quite Interesting posture , Like when have you seen a mainstream hero don a role like this ).

Frame 6 : Investigation Schedule shifts to a beach , Where Vishal is curiously digging up something with his legs (Probably important evidence for a murder).

Frame 7 :  A Lady Angrily Questions about her safety to roam freely outside , Advaita replies in the most unbelievable way , “Stay Indoors” …. !!!

Frame 8 : The Dynamic Duo introduce themselves with fake names as Prabhakar & karl Marx !!!

Frame 9 : Andrea’s Character is reveled as a dual minded person , Mostly a criminal with a huge cat wallpaper with opposite colored lens.

Frame 10 : Vishal comes into a Doctor’s Guild & gives yet another name to his partner as CID , Stanley Kubrey , God Knows who has that name in real  life !! A Police Bike chase which almost killed the protagonist.

Frame 11 : The Duo are on a spree of faking their identities , Now its Narasimha from CBCID , And Shankar Lal !!!

Frame 12 : A Foreign Assassin is desperately trying to kill our detective in a jungle.

Frame 13 : Here comes the most interesting frame of all the scenes , The Sub Ordinate complains that he is unable to find anything even though he has a magnifying glass , Advaita replies with a supremacy in his tone with a torch light , You are seeing  ,I am searching !! Now that’s total Kick ass.

Frame 14 : A Senior Police official hates the detective to the core , He is unable to forgive him , Not even his dressing style .

Frame 15 : A Fake Blind Guy Injects a possible serum into the detective’s most trusted partner’s back.

Frame 16 : A Search Run followed by a Chinese flavored fight with assassins in the disguise of chefs !!!

Frame 17 : A Comically dressed guy , Reminds of a sofa to the now shocked Andrea Busy Counting Money !!

Frame 18 : Some Run & Fight Scenes revealing the Bad Guy who has cruelty & treachery filled in his eyes , He is welcoming the detective with a horrific warning of possible mass homicides in, Now What’s a Walkie Talkie Doing here !!! Advaith Reacts as a Hero !!

Frame 19 : An Awesome Back Ground Score composed by Arrol Corelli reveals the title of the movie as Detective , This movie is directed by “Pisachi” Fame  Mysskin who even wrote Manchu Manoj’s Raju Bhai a decade back .



We are in for a treat as the Tamil version did good job at the box office , As we can say that Vishal is coming up on a new avatar , Post Bahubali Tollywood is ready to accept thrillers than formula stuff which have almost vanished these days , So if the understanding  ability clause of a common Telugu viewer can  be satisfied , Excluding the Mass Centers , Detective will surely be a hit if all goes well with the promotion stuff.

It was heard that Vishal made a voluntary contribution fro his side by donating a rupee from every ticket sold for the Tamil version , Well Madras Enterprises who distributed the Tamil version are really generous in this case , Let’s see if Hari Venkateshwara Pictures will do the same , As the Telugu Region Farmers are not happy this year with the crop returns !!! Just Saying .

A Sherlock Holmes inspired protagonist who will do good to everyone , And No matter what he will never stop is one line strongly understood , All The Best Team.

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Spyder – Seat Edge Thriller with a Strong Social Message ,Technology & Logic Over Dose for Common Man this Dussehra – Review by Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

Disclaimer : Review is a Individual Opinion , Not a Verdict.

Name : Spyder (Bi Lingual)

Production Company :  NVR Cinema LLP

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S J Suryah,Priyadarshi ,Bharath, Shayaji Shinde ,RJ Balaji etc.

Editing : A Sreekar Prasad.

Cinematography : Santosh Sivan.

Stunts : Peter Heins

Music : Harris Jayaraj.

Producer : N V Prasad, Tagore Madhu , Manjula Swaroop.

Director : A R Murugadoss.

Synopsis :  Shiva(Mahesh Babu) works in the Intelligence Bureau as a Phone tapping Specialist , Who is Capable of decoding threat happening to Citizens with his state of the art technology , gadgets & gizmos .He happens to meet his damsel Priya (Rakul Preet Singh) in his Spying process & Love blooms between the couple. Then enters a distress call which shakes his life forever  revealing the villain Bhairavudu (S J Suryah) & his atrocities , A Psychopath suffering from sadism disorder who brings down the police force to its knees creating havoc in  Hyderbad ,with much to know past crimes cleverly bought out by our beloved investigative Spy Shiva.

How Shiva destroyed Bhairavudu forms the rest of the story, As Bhairavudu clashes with Shiva to avenge his younger brothers murder , in this heavy gadget based seat edge thriller Its Man & Machine V/s a Psycho in short, which will seem futuristic & nearly unbelievable for a common man hurrying up to the climax !!!

Artists Performance 

Mahesh Babu : Undoubtedly the best in his career performance , He deserves a standing ovation for  bravery to choose a script like this with such huge budget ,He kept his stardom aside to play the role of a Super Spy with mind blowing intelligence & Super Strategies to bring down the psychopath Serial killer. He is a treat to watch. A Racey Cat & Mouse episode  showcasing Women Empowerment will surely draw whistles & claps.

Rakul Preet Singh : Surprisingly cute this time , Not much to show off her hotness and glam on screen as she has very less screen space in this intense tell tale.

S J Suryah : A Perfect Match to Mahesh , He excelled as a psycho in this movie with mind blowing screen presence , After a long time in contemporary Telugu cinema people will get scared of a villain for his atrocities. ARM showed the hidden sadism in every human being with Bhairavudu taking cinematic Liberty.

Rest of the Cast : Priyadarshi Played a rather serious role this time and upgraded on the acting front , Shayaji Shinde did a guest role this time which will go almost Un Noticed.

Technicals : 

Director A R Murugadoss  (referred as ARM at places), Chose a script  on focusing on a plot which needed more time to make people understand its real flavor ,But seems the time restriction really hit him bad this time as Spyder fails to make the common man understand cyber threats to the society, The Boring element in this movie is nothing but completely deviating the topic to a psychopath leaving spying astray & making it a arm wrestling hero & villain game , A  Mind blowing Vfx department was with him to make things look good & realistic , You need brain & logical thinking ability to understand the movie of course with some flaws. ARM kept his brain on making Bhairavudu crueler , Possible References to real time crime scenarios might have given him an extra edge in successfully designing Bhairavudu.

ARM Projected Spyder  in the wrong time , A Festival Season is not  correct  to say a intense story to Telugu audience with such technology references, Mahesh has immense family audience craze , They will regret watching this movie as some of them even post- Poned their vacations to watch the movie !!!! ARM lost his screenplay speed & magical touch this time. A Hollywood Influenced ARM loosing it this time is quite unbelievable for the hype Spyder created right from Pre Production Stage was mammoth in scale  & Some even called it a Bahubali Buster !!!!

Music Director Harris Jayaraj failed to give the beats as expected , Except for the main theme & a mass song nothing will reach to the audience ear, A huge Tamil Flavor can be seen everywhere which might irritate many of us.

Cinematographer Santosh Shivan & his team made the screen look classy yet intense at times  , But a thriller like this needs more , Especially when talking about the technical department cinematography is just ok.

Editing by Sreekar Prasad is Crisp, And will do a  lot to this movie if it strikes right with the people in the coming days.

Peter Heins Stunts were good this time , But became a laughing stock at some places which literally made Spyder a Superman !!!

Production values by NVR Cinema LLP is on par & Must be appreciated for giving meaty resources to Murugadoss & Team. They gave 120 crores for a bilingual movie keeping Mahesh’s market in mind, Overseas Markets will revive their investment for sure.

Overall Report 

Spyder is way beyond the mass audience taste & definitely not tadka flavoured for Telugu Audience who expect a royal feast this festive season , Its Brainee & Will only be liked by selected portion of the audience who take cinema as part of their daily lifestyle , For Time passers the movie has nothing to offer.



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Jai Lava Kusa – Brothers Forever Message with NTR All Over, Review by Venkatesh Veeravarapu.

Disclaimer : Review is an Opinion , Not a Verdict.

Name : Jai Lava Kusa.

Production Company : NTR Arts.

Cast : Jr.NTR, Raashi Khanna , Nivetha Thomas, Sai Kumar ,Posani, Pradeep Rawath, Ronit Roy,Priyadarshi, Brahmaji , Hamsanandinietc.

Editing : Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao , Thammiraju.

Cinematography : Chota.K.Naidu.

Music : Devi Sri Prasad.

Dialogues : Kona Venkat.

Written By : K S Ravindra , Kona Venkat , K Chakravarthy

Producer : Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

Director : K S Ravindra (Bobby).


Synopsis :  Posani is a drama company owner who cashes on the acting talent of his sister’s  triplets (Jai,Lava & Kusa) , He sees Lava & Kusa as the source of Money as they act well while Jai has a stammering problem which leads to a discrimination syndrome in him, Eventually Jai goes to  extreme lengths & He destroys the  Drama House idolizing the demon king Ravana.

In the Present Day Kusha (NTR) grows up to be a Petty thief & Plans for an American Dream, He accidentally meets his look alike Lava(NTR) who grows to be a bank manager & a good Samaritan  to the core. They get to their respective goals of Love & Money with the regular Tollywood formula . But the Unexpected happens Jai(NTR) now turned as the self proclaimed ruthless warlord of a odisha village kidnaps all of them & detains them in his Lanka.

Why did Jai Kidnap Everyone ?? , What is the Back Story of Jai  turning into Ravana & How the Brothers unite forms rest of the story.

Artists Performance

NTR : Undoubtedly NTR is the main charm of the movie , He occupies every frame in the film after his introduction , One can never believe that only one person acted in 3 roles , That too in a mass masala action flick like this., He deserves a standing applause for his riveting performance as Ravana, He will not disappoint you anywhere , He excelled in Comedy with Kusha as a petty thief & Did a neat job as Lava, Overall Its an Out & Out NTR Show filled with amazing emotions which will surely take his fans for a roller coaster ride. He will surely connect to families with some important Pre climax scenes

Raashi Khanna , Nivetha Thomas : The Damsels did their job of dancing to the tunes well. Raashi poured down glamour well & Nivetha gave good presence with her acting , Special Mention to Tamannah who ripped the floor apart with her special item Number Swing Zara, Though Many of Us Can see her Flabby Look which looks funny at times.

Priyadarshi,Posani,Sai Kumar : Played Key Roles in the movie , The comic relief came through him & priyadarshi when needed , Sai Kumar played the role of a God Father to the main character which will surely attract audience.

Pradeep Rawat,Ronith Roy: Not Much Focus was there on villains as NTR was everywhere in the film , They are just used as a topping of this dopple ganger tale of brotherhood.

Brahmaji,Hamsa Nandini : Just supported NTR for a while in the first half.

Technical Department


Director Bobby made sure to hit the mass market hard this time , So he chose a subject tailor made for a Performance Factory like NTR , He manged to pull of all the characters with ease , Though so many Past References of Tollywood movies can be found here & there , He Narrated the story well & made things exciting till the Most Hyped Ravana Character entered the screen , After Ravana’s Entrance it was  NTR who took the ship to shore. Full Meals to Mass audience who will jump of their seats to welcome the Jai, The real Bad Guy. A Very well written elevation movie with minor flaws here & there which will bore you if you are not used to Telugu Movies.

Cinematography by Chota.K.Naidu is a treat , He Ripped it apart with superb lighting to highlight the specially constructed Lanka Set. And made sure ramp motion shots are placed well to elevate heroism , Villainism to be precise.

Music by Rockstar DSP is the heart of this movie , Though it has been done well in the writing & direction department, DSP rocked it with Music & BG , He is excelling Movie by Movie , though some may complain of repeated tunes , He is undoubtedly a major asset to this movie.

Production Values from NTR Arts should be appreciated , As the movie demanded grandeur in the second half, They gave huge resources to Bobby & Team who used them well.

Editing by the most experienced editor of Tollywood Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao helped the movie  reduce its length , Or else it would have easily crossed the 3 Hour Mark as planned by the director.

Overall Report

Jai Lava Kusa is an  Out & Out South Indian Masala Movie with uniqueness in the Villain’s Characterization , NTR Playing Multi Faceted role is the USP of this movie , Which the director planned to hype well & he hit the chord right , Watch it  if you can take an emotional message filled with gripping narration which can be found in Telugu Movies Only. A sure suggestion to watch what performance is on screen , The NTR Level.


3/5 (Movie)

5/5 (NTR)

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Who is a Mentalist !!! Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Special By Venkatesh Veeravarapu

So Have You guys checked out the new trailer in Tinsel Town , A Sequel to the most successful Horror Comedy Flicks of All Time, Raju Gari Gadhi 2  Starring none other than the King of Tollywood , Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Ohmkar who scored a box office success with Raju Gari Gadhi is one director to stay for a long time , His First Movie came out with excellent critical review but failed to perform well on commercial stands.

Now the Team are coming up with a Out & Out comedy Horror flick , Raju Gari Gadhi 2 which is a official remake of Pretham Starring Malayalam Super Star Jayasurya, A National Award Special Mentionee in the Bahubalian Year 2015.

When Ohmkar came up with the idea of a sequel , It has been widely rumored that the movie will be a direct sequel to the Original Version. But later on news spread out as the team confirmed that they  acquired  rights of  the Malayalam Block Buster.

But there is one detail which got my attention , Lets’s Know more about it , Nagarjuna is a proved performer and a righteous Owner of the Tollywood Titles Yuva Samrat , Manmadhudu , King by his fans , He is always a hit with the ladies of  Telugu States throughout the world. He has never fallen short of humongous craze among the youth who still consider him as a Fashion & Attitude icon even though his 2 sons are main stream heroes in Tollywood.

Well , The Word which caught my attention is “Mentalist” , though it may sound funny for many of us , As we are exposed to the word Mental since decades as a Funny term to evaluate a person’s mind set. A Mentalist is actually a psychic , A Person Capable of Cold Reading the inner emotions by looking at the face.

Psycho Kinesis is the most popularly used word these days to scientifically understand the art of a Mentalist , Earlier Nagarjuna made awesome appearance as a Shiva devotee in the VFX Magic Thriller Damarukam starring The Devasena of Bahubali Anushka.

Here Nag plays the role of a intriguing psychic or a psychology expert who can go down  the extra mile to decipher the unknown questions relating to paranormal activities , Samantha , Who is playing the ghost role in this movie is one more added attraction to the Viewers , for this Diwali Release .

A Mentalist Basically understands the brain waves manually & tries to enumerate the inner emotions to understand the actual happenings , Especially related to Paranormal Activity.

A Mentalist is generally seen in magic shows to trick the mind , With some really good magician skills , But is even consulted by weird human behaviors as part of exorcisms in some countries .

Seems this point might have interested the team very much , Who finally made up their mind to make it in Telugu adding up to the sequel of an already famous movie franchise.

Raju Gari Gadhi dealt with a Twist in the tale , Where the Antagonist sells human body parts illegally to earn cash & in the process kills the main lead’s brother , Though the movie received minimal reviews for the story , Comedian Shakalaka Shankar made a significant impact in TFI with his outstanding performance & comedy Timing.

Now , The Team is Coming up with a Reel Life Paranormal thriller , A Revenge Seeking Ghost in the form of Samantha ., Who Plays  a special role upon Nagarjuna’s Request in this small budgeted movie starring a biggie of Tollywood. This will be the second time the Father & Daughter in Law are going to pair up on screen , Earlier Samantha played , Mother Role in Manam.

So , Nag who is playing a different role this time , Is Sure to enthrall us as the Bis Star of Tollywood prefers out of the box subjects like these and is always ready to entertain us in the best way possible.

The Trailer is to be added to the Jai Lava Kusa Print which is eyeing its worldwide release tomorrow on the first day of Navratri. Hope We all enjoy in big screens . Seerat kapoor , Vennela Kishore , Naresh etc are starring in this Horror Comedy Flick.


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Veedevadu – Mix Match Thriller for Multiplexes,Makes You Sit till the End – Review By Venkatesh Veeravarapu


Name : Veedevadu (Bi Lingual).

Cast : Sachin Joshi , Esha Gupta , Kishore,Dhanya Balakrishna , Sreenivas Reddy , Harsha Vardhan, kishore , kaatraj Supreeth, Delhi Ganesh, Pratap Pothan etc.

Production Company : Viking Media &  Entertainment.

Editing : Prawin Pudi.

Cinematography : Binendra Menon.

Music : Thaman . S.S

Producer : Raina Joshi.

Director : Satya Tatineni.


Story : Satya (Sachin Joshi ) is a state level Kabaddi Player , Will go to any extent to support his dream of becoming a champion , He Magically Joins Hands with Shruthi (Esha Gupta) who is constantly warned by her Best Friend (Dhanya Balakrishna) that Satya is  a cheater & is after her money , Srinivas Reddy is the only source of Friendship for Satya who suffers from a Genetic Disorder as said by a Self Hypnotized Psychiatrist (Pratap Pothan) . Finally Satya gets his hands on Shruthi who is murdered on their first night by him in their Honey Moon Boat in Goa.

The Violent Cop Kishore Who is a Encounter Specialist has been handed over the case of Shruti’s Murder who intelligently solves the case but realizes the main intention too late , What exactly made Satya Kill his wife,  Who is Catherine!!??? , What is she doing in Satya’s Life, Who Double Crossed Whom  forms the rest of the story.


Actors Performance

Sachin Joshi : He did a good role this time , Except for his expressionless face which might irritate you at times , Everything went well for him , As You Wont Be Interested in his acting , As the Director made other characters lively with introducing the suspense element in every frame. He can surely rest now , As he will get the Limelight.

Esha Gupta : After Massive Block Busters in Bollywood after her name , Her Air Force Upbringing gave her the look & charisma required to make things interesting in this plot oriented movie , You can surely see the actress in her for her simple looking face yet something dejavu in her can clearly spotted at times. Hopefully her diva look goes well with masses who enjoyed her hot dance in a party number.

Kishore : The Guy whom you can see everywhere in this movie , He ripped it off as a encounter specialist with keen detective skills. Even Though he has donned similar roles earlier , He will surely be praised for his menacing performance as the tough cop who goes anywhere he wants to get justice served.

Dhanya Balakrishna : Did her role with perfection , As proved that even supporting actors can make an impact in a serious Story , Her Bakraa Theme will surely spout out many laughs in the theaters  the movie progresses towards Climax.

The Comedians  : The Amrutham Fame Harshavardhan , Sreenivas Reddy , Vennela Kishore gave in much needed comic relief from this intriguing drama , Which goes on without a break as it is a seat edge thriller for people who are watching this genre for the first time.

Others  : Delhi Ganesh ,Kaatraaj Supreeth , etc have played their roles decently , The Big guy will surely bring in some whistles in the Pre Climax Rain Fight though , That will make the impact in the masses for sure.

Technical Team

Director Satya Tatineni Seriously got impressed with age old twisty tales of Bollywood, Heavily inspired by the Hollywood Psycho Series , He mended it good to blend commercial elements into straight line story telling which is seriously worth a clap , As attempting these kind of seat edge thrillers will surely make things better for him in the future. Narrative Brilliance is top notch, He Believed his Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu Coach to the core & gave him a meaty screen presence which will surely draw more crowds with positive talk. The Main Plot Point was interesting but easily guessable by a movie buff who is used to good old twists !!!

Cinematographer Binendra Menon  did some serious stuff with the lens , He has filled the Screen  with awesome lighting , And literally had a ball with the lens in the Open Outdoors , Cinematography is the major highlight of the movie as the plot is perfectly narrated which will go off track of shown differently.

Editing by Prawin Pudi is crisp and is very impressive , for this  2 hour crime thriller.

Music by Thaman is as usual , Repetitive Tunes & Immersive Back Ground Score.

Production Values are Top Notch , That made the movie look Rich , With Superb Flavor.

Overall Report 

A Well Made Psycho Thriller which will much your brains out if you are a first time viewer for this genre , Narrated Brilliantly , Hence becomes a Seat Edge Thriller with some mismatch here & there , More Concentration on the script would have given a block buster public talk even in the mass centers.



Conceived & Written By  Venkatesh Veeravarapu for