Mega Support to Saptagiri’s Bollywood Remake .

After the massive success the movie recorded worldwide , Akhsay Kumar’s Jolly LLB has been remade in  Telugu with top comedian Saptagiri as a witty lawyer.

It has been reported that the movie team will get support from the most influential Tollywood family of all time , The Mega Family’s Prince Ram Charan Tej will grace the occasion as the chief guest of the trailer launch of this comedy thriller.

Ram Charan who is now the most sought after actor in Tollywood is the Small movie “Masiha” for budding comedian turned actors like Saptagiri who recorded some box office successes earlier.,

Do Watch this space for more awesome news on this soon to be  released  Telugu Comedy Thriller.                     

Prakash Raj Faces Power Allegations Now !!!

After the tussle with critics like Mahesh Kathi the latest target for the Power Army’s wrath is none other than the Nanda from Badri, Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj who is seen in every national media platform now a days for his controversial Statements on the political situations in India has now set his political gaze reticled  to the newly formed Andhra Pradesh.

By far as we know from various sources Prakash Raj shares same taste & hobbies as that pf the power star Pawan Kalyan by preferring a green lifestyle along with handling so many philanthropically intentioned  activities & also actively taking part in them.

Prakash Raj stressed on the point to vote for the right person based on the political views & agendas which might be fruitful in the future and not go by glamour or star power.

Pawan Kalyan Fans reacted in a mixed  way for this statement made by the multi talented star of various Indian Languages who once enjoyed parallel stardom to that of heroes & heroines !!

Well , Only Time can answer some questions these days as we have nothing stern where everything is a controversy now a days exclaimed a political analyst!!!


Neelambari turned Sivagami will Upgrade Soon !!!

After her massive performances in the Tamil & Telugu streams with anti hero shades , The Bold & Beautiful Talented Diva of the 90’s Ramya Krishnan is all well these days with multiple movie & advertising offers in her hand.

With the medieval fantasy still lingering in people’s minds we heard that the actress will also be playing a major  role in the Kannada movie based on a 9th century warrior queen.

She is also sharing her part in peculiar characters like the ones in Soggade Chinni Nayana & soon to be released faction comedy Balakrishnudu.

Making it clear to the competition that she is not over with Bahubali & The Best ois yet to come from her !!!

Ramya Krishnan also played the legendary anti hero role in Rajinikanth’s Padapyappa which later got dubbed  in Telugu as Narasimha.


Tamil Dubbing Movies Win Yesterday !!!

After mouth staggering releases happened yesterday , The Movie Makers of Telugu Film Industry are quite in a shock for the amazing response the Tamil dubbed movies Gruham & Khakee Got.

Audience are gob smacked by the gruesome reality & mind blowing narration the Khakee team gave to them & people are still feared by the dark as Gruham gave everyone goosebumps and Jump Scares.

Marking the return of Siddharth , Once a Lover Boy who came from Tamil Nadu and ruled the box office while other being Kaarthi the younger brother of South India’s Very Own Singam Suriya.

Though there have been several distributor related issues to these 2 movie , They earned their share at the end of the day marking their stronghold on the hoard of movies released yesterday in Telugu.

More Than Sisters from the Nara & konidela Clan ! : Beyond Blood

We often find fan groups quarreling on small & petty issues with childish behavior in various platforms putting  their favorite stars as scapegoats.

But Tollywood is completely opposing this poisonous culture and setting an example of how to maintain dignity & relationship ,  The Konidela & Nara Girls  Upasana , Bhramani are a perfect set of this sisterly example .

Both of these star kids were spotted recently at a blood donation campaign & Upasana even made a note on her Facebook Account about the generosity & humane nature of Bhramani  and her positive attitude towards helping someone in need.

Here’s What Upasana felt about Brahmani’s  gesture

Bhramani & I spent a heartwarming afternoon donating blood. Bhramani says If you begin donating blood at age 18 and donate every 90 days until you reach 60, you would have potentially helped save more than 500 lives! #foodforthought #donateblood – it’s a very powerful & satisfying thing to do. #upasana #bhramani


Now That’s A healthy Environment for a Industry which suffers fan wars here & there guys !!! Way to go Girls.

Garudavega Duo Making it a Rampage Treat Post Sucess

After the most unpredictable success the duo recorded on screen , With their Last Release PSV Garudavega  Angry Young Man Rajashekar & Praveen Sattaru made it a point to the Producers that they deserve a stare by the Producer’s Guild.

Of what we hear from various sources , PSV Garuda Vega is doing Splendid Business even after 2 weeks of its Release which is a Unbelievable sight to so called business & trade experts of Tollywood.

It has been reported that several producers are Lining up to book the Successful Mission taker Praveen to make a movie with them while talented young film makers who are yet to taste success see Rajashekar as their source of Success.

Well , That’s one Hard Core Team Effort made well on a Audience scale & we all can see the reward , Which is fruitful !!!


Kabali Musician Faces Insult for the 8th time in Australia.

Who can forget the amazing tune made for Super Star Rajinikanth’s Movie Kabali . The Song which was a Rage in whole of the world became a instant hit ever since it was Released.

But What Seems to be a Case of Racism being held at the Australian Airport is one thing which is so disturbing to every technician  down South.

Santosh Narayan is one of the Most Acclaimed Musician in the Country for his Prowess in making tunes to Suit Up the taste of star performers in the south like Rajinikanth & Venkatesh.

This is not the First Time , Indian Talent has been Revoked for Abuse by the West Authorities , Even King Khan Shahrukh Khan has been negatively enhanced for his sublime approach towards the USA Officials.

We strongly condemn this act by the officials , As it is hard time we Realized the harm racism can do to Society.



RGV Retrolled with Abuses !!!

This is the first time the maverick director RGV , The Spoilt Genius of Indian Cinema took some abuses made on him personally by a panel member of the Prestigious State Level Film Awards , The Nandi.

After posting his part of sarcasm on the panel  on his official Facebook page , The Film Maker got a revolt in a rather unusual way in the form of a abusive reply form the Nandi Panel Member Maddineni Ramesh.

RGV applauded the Nandi Panel & Wanted the govt officials to award them with Oscars , To Which Maddineni Ramesh replied with filthy & derogatory language ever to be used by a person in a responsible position.

RGV started his war  on the Nandi Panel by posting re edited videos & is continuing his Sarcasm , Let’s See what the counter attacks going to be.



Mahesh v/s Aadi is a hot topic in Media.

After  the heated up battle  between the Internet Sensation & TV Comedy Star Mahesh Katti & Hyper Aadi.

The duo are in for a ride in the media stream as a publicity material for their respective channels . Kathi Mahesh &  Hyper Aadi went on for a heated discussion which spouted out many memes on social media and even the electronic & print media are making it a point to highlight this conflict based on a Tv skit performed in the comedy show Jabardast.

Hyper Aadi was mocked by Kathi  Mahesh for Body shaming him & Social activist turned feminist Leader Devi made her set of derogatory comments on the whole of Telugu Film & TV Industry calling them as Copycats who dump movies & skits based on Hollywood.

As the Rift is taking a major turn ahead , Viewers are expecting their set of entertainment in Tv talk shows which have turned battle grounds for politicians , celebrities & time pass medium for audience. degrading media standards to ground level said a media baron in agony to a source.

Regina on Full Swing For Balakrishnudu .

After a debacle period on which she stumbled upon with continuous failures , The Kerala  Fitness Freak Regina Cassandra is  vouching in for the success of their upcoming movie Balakrishnudu whom she shares screen space with. 

She is playing a regular heroine role in this so called faction comedy movie & by the look of the trailer , 30 years Prudhvi & Srinivas Reddy might pull out the movie with comedy punches but  to add a tinge to the spicy flavor of the Movie Regina was added said a source.

Regina who lost her glam as a main time heroine to woo the youth of the Telugu states is in for a glam treat to the audience with her exposing is what can be seen with the released trailers.

So , What can we expect from Balakrishnudu  is compulsorily based on the director ,But Regina is promising her set of attraction mantra  for  the youth.


Do Watch this space for awesome content on Balakrishnudu.