Bicchagadu Fame Vijay Antony’s Indrasena Trailer Analysis – Venkatesh Veeravarapu

Name : Indrasena. (Dubbed from Tamil)

Cast : Vijay Anthony , Diana Champika, Mahima, Jewel Mary.

Production Company : R Studios & Vijay Anthony Film Corporation.

Editing : Ananthmani.

Cinematography : K.Dhillraj.

Music : Vijay Antony.

Producers : Radhika Sarath Kumar & Fathima Vijay Antony.

Story , Screenplay, Direction : G. Srinivasan.


After a Massive success streak in Tamil with Picchakaaran & Saithaan (Bicchagaadu & Bethaludu) in Telugu , The Unique Music Star known for his different subjects Vijay antony is coming up with a cult mass thriller with a serious physical makeover , Lets see what he has got for us in his latest offering Indrasena.


Frame 1 : What Seems to be a serious flash down of multiple frames with a countdown , meter Vijay’s Team are offering a serious subject with Vijay displaying absolute Charishma & cool look , Thanks to his black aviators.

Frame 2 : A Blood shed scene with extreme close up on his face reveals a train track with the protagonist trying to commit suicide , Well that’s the thing which Striked  my mind , Looking at his slow walk.

Frame 3 : Getting brutally beaten up by the goons , All tied & Gagged up Vijay is expressing deep stress, Such attention to detail when taken action into consideration , he absolutely nailed it Daarn!!!

Frame 4 : Slow Motion Ramp Shots, Cult classic action scenes of the hero breaking car windshields intense as the Voice narrating the incidents of what seems to be a crucial scene from the movie is getting even more bigger & better.

Frame 5 : Bhashya Sree , The Man who gave words to Vijay’s earlier block busters as the writer deserves a round of applause , He is increasing the intensity with his words with stunning time lapse shots.

Frame 6 : Vijay’s good simpleton life slowly transforms into a crueler one , All because he faced hard ships in life & now he is a rebel bashing the ones who come in his way & settling up scores with everyone.

Frame 7 : Now the heroine enters brightening up the screen for everyone , A indie hug is all what we need as a relief from hard core action sequences.

Fame 8 : What seems to be a visual slide show of all the famous actors of the Tamil Industry is one treat to watch , As this teaser is cut to convey a message to us that , The Story line will be intense.

Frame 9 : The Classic Mustache Twirl ,  Which you can find as a staple in main stream south cinema is shown , As Vijay does the act walking  with the symbol of Machoism , A Sword revealing the title of the movie, Now what’s a temple at the back drop doing with construction time lapse shots !!!

Overall Report 

There is much than what meets the eye , That is the message delivered by the voice over , Now what is going to come next in our plate , The trailer will give us more , Till then God bless that Replay Button Guys. Some of you might even use more than expected.


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